Monday, January 16, 2012

Fish unit

I'm feeling the need to revive the excitement and shake things up a bit in school. Middle of the year blahs, so to speak, and it's time to get EXCITED again! :D

We started a Fish unit this week. Sounds uber exciting, yes? Well, it is!
Our quote for Monday:

Einstein was a clever dude.

We worked on Japanese hanging koi (goldfish) and read about koi from Wikipedia. I'll post the pictures upon completion.

The kids made tangram seascapes...

Many of our writing prompts, mini books, our vocabulary list, and even the Bible verse suggestions we used are from Homeschool Share. That site is such an amazing resource!

The little boys sorted colored goldfish crackers... ...made patterns... ...used them as manipulatives for their addition problems, and then ate them. :)

We read Shel Silverstein's poem Fish, and wrote our own poems.

Tuna fish sandwiches (cut into fish shapes) for lunch.

T played this fishing addition game to go along with his math today.

We talked about the food chain. What do fish eat? Which animals eat fish?

We used the Melissa and Doug complete the picture fish bowl page, just for fun.

O played the aquarium game on Poisson Rouge, already one of his favorite sites.

The older kids finished strong, with their usual math lessons, and Papaw's history and Spanish lessons.

Last but not least, I added my own excitement by having my sister cut me some bangs when she stopped by. So many perks of having a sister who went to cosmetology school!

Ta-da. Short and choppy little hipster bangs. I like 'em.

I have more fish activities planned for this week, and have already started putting together units for birds, rabbits, etc. Pinterest has been a huge help, too!

I'm open to ideas or suggestions, so feel free to chime in!

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Ms Debbie said...

I didnt know your grandpa was helping with school. what an amazingly awesome memory for your kiddos!