Friday, January 18, 2013

Colorful toddler in our colorful home

We've been spending some time watching this tiny sweetheart.
My ovaries ache, my heart melts, my spirit is happy.
Kids make me happy!

My own sweet "baby" (okay, he's a kindergartner now) did everything in his power to make the little princess giggle with delight.

Oh, the cuteness!!
She loved this particular wooden block, setting it atop her head, and declaring, "princess."
(heart melts)

Then my Middlest Boy got all amazing and artsy, and created this:

His own personal wrestler body. Baahaaa! Such incredible creativity!

Those eyes!
Kids truly are the greatest gift God gives, whether your own or a friend's, or a random child in the store. They are the future.
Make them feel as special as they are.
Smile, play. Forgive. Show grace and humility.
And I'll say it again:
Recognize the special moments for what they are.

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