Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cousin Stations

I had my little niece and nephew yesterday, on their day off school. What do you do with 6 kids, when it's too cold to spend much time outside? Stations! We built Legos, played with Playdough...

My Oldest Boy was kind enough to make dough birds for his little cousin. Sweetness.

Dino station, below...
And weapons... because a station area isn't complete without swords, right?
Half an hour to play Just Dance...
The stuffed animal battle, and warrior Scarlett, with her pan shields.
Snack time!
Honestly, I could do stations and crafts with oodles of kids nearly every day! Fun stuff!!  


Jenny said...

So much fun! I love seeing children play. their excitement over simple fun is the best thing ever.

By the way - did you ever add the O to your hello on your all? Charlie absolutely loved that story & he asked me recently if you left it alone or added the o.

Wasn't it in Pride & Prejudice that someone said something like - What do we live for but the amusement of our neighbors? :o)

Erin D said...

Too cute! I love the idea of rotating stations - I should do that more often when my niece and nephews are over.