Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Texas internal debate

I love Texas.

However, we've decided (or re-decided) NOT to pursue moving there.
Which, let me tell you, is tough.
I love their laws, their oceans, their heat.
I love the art and quirky shops along the Riverwalk.
I love St. John's Island, and South Padre Island.
We have had wonderful vacation after wonderful vacation there!!
I passionately love the ocean.
I went through a lot of internal debate (naturally, in the form of doodling.)
Are you tired of the big city?
Yes? Move to Texas!
No? Move to Texas!
Because, ya know, it has the best of both worlds.

Even a little debate going on here, for football fans (which I really am not, but this was a husband-convincing-measure. He may not love the Cowboys. He may not love the Longhorns. But, boy, does he dislike the Sooners, and that right there could almost be reason enough for a Texas move!)
Need an ocean? Move to Texas!
Seriously, Port Aransas was fabulous.
South Padre was AMAZING.

The ocean beckons me with her siren song.

But, after much soul-searching, and self-examination....
We've come to realize that, while TX is an amazing vacation spot for our family, our hearts are here among the Ozarks, the rolling hills and lush green beauty of the Natural State.

All the things we love-- camping, hiking, caving, rafting, mountain can all be done right here, right out our own back door. And THIS is wonderful. I don't want to take it for granted. Everyday with this kind of beauty around me, is a kind of dream in itself.
Oh, yeah. This is where it's at.
This is where we've made our home, and will continue to explore the amazing wilderness around us.

Texas, you are fabulous, and we'll still visit often.


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