Wednesday, January 9, 2013

sketchbook resolutions

I really didn't make any new resolutions for the New Year, but thought now would be a good time to repost this list that I made on my last birthday: 33 Things to do before I'm 33.
I've completed a lot of these things-- like finishing the playroom floor, taking the whole family camping more often, getting most of my teeth fixed, eating more sushi. ;) Random, I know.
I also planted another tree
(but it died, so I don't really think that ought to count towards my goal, eh?)
We spent a weekend in Salem, AR, with Fred's extended family. I tried a new hair color (brighter red than I've gone before, at Fred's request.)
And-- the one I consider most important-- we've been "paying it forward."
We are so blessed; We have been given so much in this life.
So much more than most of the world. We're always provided for, always have food and shelter, enough clothing, plus all of the frivolities, like entertainment, jewelry, games. I want our family to be a giving, helping, acts-of-kindness kinda family. We're working towards that, more every day.
And, also, learning to receive.
Isn't it always so much easier to be on the giving side? It is for me. But just this past week, when we were so sick, a single mom brought us a big pot of homemade soup, crackers, desserts, even antibacterial spray.
It was so amazing. Humbling. Hard to accept, really, but so appreciated.
And, boy, that was darn good soup!!

Having this sketched out, in my book, is a much better reminder for me than just typing it up. Ah, the tangible benefits of visual processing. I ought to do this far more often than I've managed to lately.

And, no, I haven't gotten around to #24 yet. Sigh. No one enjoys getting her boobs checked.

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Tracy said...

I can help with #30 and 27! :)