Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fitness Friday Color Love

Our homeschool group is extremely active, and there are a ton of opportunities around us. One activity that we always try to attend is Fitness Friday, every other week. It is so organized, so-oo fun, and soo-ooo great during the cold winter months. We were given access to the John Brown University gymnasium, and have plenty of space for our group there. This past Friday, the group played volleyball and, in addition, the younger groups had parachute time, which is always a favorite.
I'm so thankful for Fitness Friday and the amazing lady who leads it!
Obviously, we all need physical activity to stay healthy and get our hearts pumping. Getting a good workout in also boosts endorphins, so it helps with moods (and who couldn’t use a little help with that?) Staying active increases a child's strength and helps with his body image as he grows, too. I don’t know about you, but on days when I get a great workout, I just feel better and more comfortable with my body in general. I want my kids to feel that way, too! Plus, childhood obesity is really a big problem for our country. It's important to form good habits early on. If they LIKE biking, running, jumping on the trampoline, skating, swimming, and other sports, from a young age, they're far more likely to keep up many of the same things as they get older. Start young!

As I wasn't signed up as a volunteer this time around, I chatted with other mamas and snapped pictures of random cuteness, like these little snugglers, below. Dots, stripes, pink sneakers and red sweaters. Plus, ya know, balloons are always wonderful. I'm a sucker for bright colors and patterns.
My energetic little bopper...
And my other energetic bopper, streaking by...
Then there were these two cutie pies (and my dear friend Bridg, in the background.)
Oh, boy, she's chewing him out for something!!

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