Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday- chickens

After nap time today, we went to Fred's Dad's house. The kids love visiting Nanny and Papa. Oliver got in some good cuddling time.

The bigger kids pet some chickens

and a kitty

and found a frog.

We're "nature people" and spend a lot of time outside, and these things really fascinate the kids. I almost wish we could live out in the country and have some pets that could just stay outside. Suzanne, maybe someday we'll get a pig like yours. ;-) I'm really not an animal person at all, but I love to see the kids so interested in something.

Nanny and Papa also made some yummy popcorn. Has anyone seen the powder stuff that you sprinkle on popcorn, in different flavors, like Ranch? Weird. I'd never tried it before, it it's very yummy. Ethan asked if I could put it on my WMart list.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the MUMs coupon meeting. I'm getting anal about saving money. Maybe I can take some pointers from the pros.


Ann-Marie said...

That frog is adorable. Awww...

As long as I don't have to touch it!

Arato Girl said...

I agree about the froggy. I love his cute little froggy legs. Animals are so wonderful.

WendyJanelle said...

Actually, it's a toad. Still think it's cute?

Brook'sBlog said...

Totally, Toad, frog, whatever.. SUPER CUTE!