Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ah, Sunday. Have you ever noticed that Sunday mornings are just chaotic. I always lay out our clothes the night before, and get shoes ready, bags packed, even hair bows put on the bathroom counter. But things take time, and I always feel rushed. Fred likes to buy donuts every Sunday morning and that leaves me to get kids ready while he's at the store. I'm not griping, because that also means that I don't have to cook!

I'm the "receptor" at church now, which means that I check the kids in before they head to their classes. I'm not really sure why I'm supposed to do this. I'm not giving the parents tags to pick their child up. It would make more sense to me to have the SS teachers give the parents tags when they drop the child off and then a "discharger" releases the child to the parent with the tag after class. But what do I know? I just do as I'm told. I've stirred up enough already, so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

But two other quick questions about church:
1) Does every church now have Nintendo-type games set up? Is it the norm for churches to pay $300+ to have these new Wii nintendo things in the children's church? Am I just out of touch? What's the point of that?
2) Do girls still wear dresses and skirts to church? Should they? Should they be required to wear shorts underneath, or slacks, for the times in class that they are doing jumping jacks and going down steep out-of-the-ceiling slides? Hmmm... Again, I think I'm just out of touch here. I certainly don't mind Isabelle wearing shorts under her dresses, but I think she should be dressed up for church. It shows respect and signifies that this is an important, worshipful event.


Ann-Marie said...

Here's what I've observed.

At my mom's church, each child is assigned a number and if, during the course of the service, that child's number is flashed on the screen up front, the parent knows to go pick up their child.

Our church does not have a Wii. In fact, I don't think any of the kids, except for toddlers, have the option of playing with any toys during Sunday School, and our Junior Church during morning service only goes up to age 4 or 5, I think. I think 6 and older stay in the service.

I've seen a lot of the little girls in dresses, and about 50% have shorts underneath.

That's my church perspective from the Midwest!

Brook'sBlog said...

I do have a hard time with the new "check in" at our church. Seems like alot of "EXTRA" work and it's hard for us. But, whatever floats their boat.
Jordyn "WONT" wear a dress or skirt. It's hard enough to fight her to wear a pony tail and all that, so Sunday mornings are chaotic for us too. I make sure she wears her "BEST" though to signify the "respect" thing. I do agree, wearing your best, no matter what that is, is very much a necessity.

WendyJanelle said...

I have avery neagtive view of nintendos. It's a huge and growing addiction right now.

clothes-- yes, whatever a child's "best" is, that is what they should present to worship. I agree. :-)
And I usually do put shorts under Isabelle's dresses, but it's still hard to play the way they do if you are wearing a long dress. I guess I just need to adjust her wardrobe...

WendyJanelle said...

Brook, btw, the new check-in system for the little kids is still in the works. Joan and I were both very frustrated the first Sunday. She is being told what to do, but does not have what it takes to implement the program. We'll see what happens, but it should get easier.

I'm all for safety! In fact, I am wondering why people check their preschoolers IN but not OUT? Hmmm.... but I think things will change slowly.