Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bakery field trip and more art

Today we joined the homeschool group for a trip to a grocery bakery. They learned some basic cake decorating techniques. Here the Nature Man watches the Artist practice her new skills.

She wrote her name in cursive a couple of times, and The Nature Man made roses. Recognize those aprons? Thanks again, Mimi!

My LittleLad's fingers. Oh, he is so adorable. Those tiny precious fingers... I know the time is going to pass so fast, so I'm trying to take pictures of all the things I love, like freckles, fingers and toes.

We did some "habitat art." Nature Man's progress on his jungle.
This is Dash's desert. See the awesome moon and cacti?
Little Lad was content to play with the clippies and scribble on the bottom of the paper. :-)
I've been wanting to frame some of their artwork in the hallway. This masterpiece was a bit too big for the frame, but Dash didn't want me to cut the hat or wing off, so I improvised. What do you think? ;-) I'll have to fix it better in the frame so those metal tabbies don't show.

We had another delightfully warm day, so there was some mud playin' and reading of the books outside. This weekend is going to be busy, too, but I'm looking at *fairly* open days next week!


Christina said...


Thanks for coming by to visit our blog. It's great to "meet" you.

I also homeschool my children. Looks like y'all have lots of fun. We've had some warm days too, but are about to have some cold move in. My kiddos are hoping for snow, but in GA it's a very slight possibility.

elizabeth Haught said...

What a fun day you all had. I like the framed art work. It's like it is coming out at you. Great job.