Friday, February 27, 2009

Muddin' before Game Night and Pedicures

Okay, so we weren't really "muddin'," as the folks around here say. I've never actually been muddin'. We did, however, play IN the mud on such a beautiful day! These kinds of messes used to frazzle me but, as a great mom to boys pointed out, kids are very washable!!
And it makes fabulous fun for photos!It looks like they got into a bit of a mud fight.
"He who slings mud generally loses ground."

-Stevenson, Adlai E(wing)
Then I got MY fun in. My MM Glasswings group got together last night, after kids were tucked into beds, to do pedicures and play games! Woooo-hooooo!
It was great fun, Ladies! Thanks!!

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Adelia said...

I love me some good muddin' pictures!! That's awesome that so many gals turned out for your fun night!!! I saw one of the moms today and she said she had so much fun!! :)