Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wii had some fun and then some...tea. Yeah, switch gears!

A post of mainly pictures. Again. I've been busy. And I'm tired from so much fun! Photos can tell the stories, and I'll try quick caption to help.

Amy does the flying pregnant nun pose when she bowls.

Fred busts a move. He won. There, I said it.
We ate. A lot.
Vu was mean. "Fred, wanta try some wasabi nuts?"
....da da DUM....

The aftertaste was still that bad.
And then we were tired.
Fun Night. The End. :-)

Today. Switch gears.
Princess Tea Party, in all it's glory.
Oh, how I love all things girlie!!

Couldn't resist the "lacing up the dress" picture. Her Mom may kill me, as this looks way to much like a wedding shot. ;-) Hard to think about our little girls growing up!!

And the clock struck midnight!!

(okay, not really, but they do put on some great surprised faces. Yes, the drama of girls!!)


Anonymous said...

Talk about fun! I love the sleeping picture, and the surprised princesses = )

Suzanne said...

I'm so thankful you stayed and took pictures...and helped direct a very excited group of little girls. I had to sit down after everyone left, those princesses were silly! But it will be a wonderful memory for them.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm so glad you posted the pic of Amy I know how to do it if someone asks me!