Monday, March 2, 2009

don't eat my teeth, honey

Today, for part of our science lesson, we studied about teeth. Okay, it was really about the digestive system, but it all starts in the mouth, and we spent a great deal of time learning and crafting for that area.
I don't know WHAT the deal is, but the picture below should not be sideways.
Why is it sideways? It's not saved that way? Hmph
On to the lesson. Just tilt your head and play along.
As I said, we studied teeth. Or we started by re-studying teeth, I guess I should say. And that section took us about 45 minutes, because we got a bit carried away with our crafts and object lessons. Still, better to have too much school time than not enough, right?? And the kids think the "extra stuff" (not seatwork) is not actually "school." (Heh heh-- trick them with fun stuff!!)

First we did the cut-out of different teeth... why are they shaped like that? What is their purpose, and so on. Then we did our teeth imprints, using Styrofoam plate triangles (cut off the point, so you don't stab your gums!) My Nature Man made about 20 imprints. I guess he liked the taste of the Styrofoam??? This was from our Head to Toes Science book.

The marshmallow idea came from Sara... she posted on it awhile back, and I sent the link to myself, awaiting the day until we got to the right chapter!

You would think our day went great after we started it so well. Not so. Life doesn't always work that way. Today was one of those times when we all just needed m o r e... s p a c e. But it was too cold to play outside. The kids started bickering, and my head started to hurt. sigh.
But the weather will warm up again, we will all get our sunshine and be able to run with the wind in our hair, and life will be right again! ;-) Tomorrow I may just have to bundle them for "PE time" and send them to do laps around the house if they start to fight!!


Loveandadoor said...

love it! love it!
Very creative. Have you ever made smiles for snack?? Cut an apple in medium thin slices top to bottom (stem on top) then put a little peanut butter on them and add marshmallows for teeth. Add another slice of apple spread with peanut butter then lay the whole apple marshmallow sandwich on its side. The apple slices are the lips and the marshmallows are the teeth.
Can you picture it?( Might be a neat extension of your lesson!)

Anonymous said...

Those are memorable learning experiences no doubt.

Ann-Marie said...

We never did anything like this in school - yet another advantage to having the fantastic Wendy as a teacher! :-) Toothless smile!