Monday, March 16, 2009

Decorating with Cents-- and a lesson in humility

Tonight I was the speaker for MUMs (Moms Uplifting Moms.) My presentation was done through Power Point. PowerPoint offers amazing flexibility in creating custom multimedia slide shows that could allow me to guide the conversation, show step-by-step instructions, and so forth. Great for a decorating topic. (Great for keeping eyes on the screen and not me. I'm a people person, but I'm not thrilled about being in a front of a group.)
Can Power Point really be that easy? Well, realize that PowerPoint can easily import photos, run the show on "automatic" timing, continuously "loop" the show until you turn it off. Yeah, it's great. I love it.
That is, when I can actually use the 40-slide power point presentation that I've created.
Mmm Hmm. You guessed: I couldn't. Every time I've ever been to MUMs, there was a power point of announcements running. SO I made the obvious (and erroneous) assumption that there would be Power Point this time as well. And I guess I didn't tell the right people that I needed it. This was no one's fault; it's just "one of those things," and certainly a lesson in humility for a gal who hates public speaking. (sigh) And, in the grand scheme of things....
Rather than reliving my dry-mouth, body-quivering speech, I'll post what I was going to say here! Oh, you are so lucky!! :-)
Skipping the intro. You know me.
Right to it then.
•Philippians 4:8 (New International Version) Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
How can we dwell on the goodness of God, lovely things, whatever is pure and right when we surround ourselves with clutter, messes, stacks of bills, and not a bit of God's artistry?
Okay, open the blinds/ curtains on your windows. WIDE. Let that light come in. Good. Now we'll start.

First things first. Visualize "your place." I'm not talking about high ceilings and marble counter tops. I'm just talking about your space, the place you are blessed with. Visualize it clean. Visualize it as an inviting, cheerful, restful place. Got that in your mind? Good, check off step number 1. Seems like we often work towards something, but we really don't know where we're going, and we have no idea when we're on the right path. Sometimes making a list helps. Don't let it get you discontent or materialistic-- NOT what we're going for at all.
Read Proverbs 31 again. This frugal and intelligent woman uses her ingenuity and creativity to care for and provide for her home.
•To me, this means that working in the home is rewarding!! It's not just about dishes and diapers-- there can be bed coverings, scarlet, and sashes, OH MY!
Take delight in the ideas, abilities, and talents that God has given you. Run with it. Surely every person is capable of making a home that elicits a smile (at least from that person.)
If you can't visualize your own home as the inviting and cheerful place that you long for, then try another "happy room," that can give you something to work towards.
Think about the colors that make you happy. Paint is cheap. And easy. Think about the fabric you prefer. Fabric can be cheap if you shop right, and recovering things is usually fairly straightforward. More on that soon.

This room looks lovely to me. It reflects nature, which is important to me. It is bright and bold with patterns and lines, and various textures.
So, before you learn how to decoupage, stencil, build, and paint, you should determine what you are going for, if you don't already know. If you're like me, my goals change with each room, but I have an underlying connecting theme: Reflect God, make it family-friendly, bright, light, colorful, cheerful. For some, the goals might be relaxing, restful, or vibrant, intense, energizing... Decorate with sense before cents.
Want to try some fun quizzes? Check these out, to see what your "decorating personality" is.
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More soon!


Amber said...

Awwww, so sorry!! But, I'm thinking that sometimes God calls us to come out of our comfort zones. Maybe HE was doin this with you?? Dunno.

Awesome presentation though! I have seen that scripture a few times in the last couple days, I'm thinking it is a word. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Girl, your presentation was FANTASTIC and very "professional" in my opinion! I can't wait to see the power point presentation (have you gotten hold of Beth yet?). Most of all, I count myself as extremely lucky to be a close friend of yours....I get to pick your brain whenever I want (or when I need new ideas!). LOL!

Keep on rockin', girly-o!

Arato Girl said...

I love this post and I so agree with you. Creating a beautiful environment (with love, not tons of money) and a place your friends and family can find peace and joy (and not to worry about impressing the neighbors) is, I think, a very Christian thing to do! I think we are supposed to be reflecting and celebrating the beauty of our Lord as much as possible in this life as we prepare for the next! I think visualizing is a great idea, and finding inspiration in things that really nourish the soul, like nature does for you, and me, and most people, I think.

I'm sorry that the power point didn't work out--that would have flustered me, too--but I bet you still were able to communicate some very helpful, hopeful things.

Love ya!

Ann-Marie said...

Oooh, DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON POWERPOINT. Argh...I feel your pain and have had (many, many) frustrations with programs and set-ups and equipment! So, I think it shows great strength of character to overcome all of that and still give a great presentation. Kudos! Applause! :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Amber, yes, I know God was keeping me from fainting through the ordeal. :-)

Jerri, thanks. That's so sweet... much better than the "you sounded crazy" comment that night.

Amy, you are one of my inspirations for home beauty!

Ann-Marie, I'm scared of Power Point now...and I need to use it again for a presentation in May. Ayayaaya!