Tuesday, May 26, 2009

50s Garden Party

I love being around my friends. I love to dress up. I love to be outside. And I love good food. Monday night was FAB-U-LOUS!! This is SO-OO my era!

Don't we look the part?? I went Marilyn Monroe retro-style,
and Adelia went lovely Elizabeth Taylor classical-style. Julie did a mini-photo shoot before we left, but I can't divulge all of those portraits at this time! ;-)Here we have Laura R, Sherri, and Beth eagerly awaiting their mouth-watering meal. And, below, Laura and Trish are forced to pose every few moments.
The price of sitting at my table. ;-)

You can tell we were having fun, goofing around outside after the meal.

And here we have the beauties, Adelia and Trish.

This was our absolutely AMAZING hostess, Sam, with two of her equally amazing sons. And, below, there's Sam's mom standing with her. Do you see where she gets her loveliness?

It took us a moment to get organized for group pictures.

Here we are!! All homeschool mamas, all dressed up for a party.

Miss Jerri and Sam (yeah, I have lots of friends with guys' names! ;-)
heh heh Just kidding, guys!)

Saying good-bye at the end of a wonderful evening.


Adelia said...

It was a wonderful night, wasn't it?!?! We had good company at our table too! Perfect for us!

Shan said...

What a bunch of timeless beauties! Looks like a fun time was had by all. I tried to zoom in and see who all I know but I couldn't manage it. Love your look Wendy!