Sunday, May 31, 2009

jean apron tutorial!

Fred took the older kids to a baseball game, with my aunt & uncle, cousins, dad, and grandpa while I stayed here with the little ones. While Little Lad napped, I sewed and Dash worked beside me on a painting.

I decided not to wing it so much today. I found this tutorial when I was looking for a simple, free apron pattern online.

Would you believe that I snapped pictures along the way to make my own tutorial? I know! I'm not usually so "with it." Heh heh

So, to make a Jean Apron, first get a pair of jeans to use. This will work best if it's a pair that will fit you around the waist. This pair was too big for me, so I knew I'd have to take it in a bit. More work, but it was worth it for the cute angel tag on the back.

Now cut it apart, so you are left with just the behind and the entire waistband (keep the button hole and button on the end!) You can use your judgment on whether of not to keep belt loops. I like mine.

If you want it rounded out, you can use a plate as a guide.

I did this with the first one apron, but not with the second.

See, all rounded.

Next, sew lace or bias tape around the bottom and sides. I didn't want to break a needle trying to sew this thick jean material, so I put my bias tape down by hand.

Ta-Da! New apron. Easy peasy. I had to take in the sides a bit but, if you picked jeans that fit you, then you just button it in back and you are good to go! In the tutorial I linked to, she sewed ties on.
See the pink tag? Cute, cute.
I like it like this, but I'm sure I'll add embellishments when I find the right buttons.

Next, I used a black pair of jeans, and I kept the bottom part straight, then made a small slit and sewed the parts overlapping, so it looks like a skirt in front. (dang, I did forget to take a picture of that step.)

And I added a bird. Just because. I cut a pocket-like shape, and sewed around it quickly, on the machine. Add one button for an eye and embroider on some legs, tail feathers, and a beak. Viola.

(yes, I change clothes often, when modeling aprons. I want them show up, so I have to wear contrasting colors, right??)

Remember my house philosophy?
It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!
Same goes for my sewing. :-)
With one of the legs of the black jeans, I made one more apron. No tutorial for this, because I decided to wing it again. Quickie version: cut leg material open. Cut up the front, so you like the way it looks when you hold it up. (heeheee) Sew loop for neck. Sew on ribbon or looped material for waist band. Sew on animal, if you please. I went with an owl this time. He does have a beak sewn on, you just can't see it well.

Three aprons in a day will send me to bed happy. :-)
Plus, I got to play in the sprinkler today with the kids.
Sunshine, oh glorious sunshine!!


Anonymous said...

Too cute. I think this would be a fun summer project!

Suzanne said...

The bird one is just too cute. Is there anything you aren't good at? :)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I second Suzanne's question!!!! LOL

Adelia said...

I love the bird!