Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new nephew is on the way!!

My little sister went into labor last night.

We're excitedly awaiting our new nephew! Wooooo-hooooo!

**** at 10:20am

Dilated to a 7 ...

not much longer now!!!

**** at 11am

Dilated to 9!!!


*** 11:50 fully dilated, waiting for the doctor!

*** 1:42pm She is taking a 20 minute break after over an hour of pushing...

*** 2:50 baby is here!!! Ransom Miles Ha!! I'll post pictures in a new post, as soon as I get some!

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Brook's Babbles In Arizona said...

Congrats Wendy. Give your sister and her new baby and family our best! :) That's so exciting, to have a new baby in the family! I can't get over how much your little sis looks like Izzy. Beautiful girls! :)
Miss you guys so much! :)