Friday, May 1, 2009

funny photo shoot

Okay, so I haven't been crafting. I've been too stinkin' busy. Sad, I know.
Today was supposed to be my last fun meeting time at Mothering Matters, but my flooded street held me captive.
On the bright side, the kids and I ate most of the desserts, and then we danced and sang, took goofy pictures, read books, and did half a day of school work.

Like the 50's haircut? I love it!

In other news, Fred and I started P90X tonight. Almost killed us, on day 1. However, I think the exercise and eating habits could save my dear hubby from an impending heart attack. Achieving peak physical condition is a bonus. :-) Oh, the things we could do!


October said...

You had a great time stranded on your island at home = ) I'm glad.

christine said...

I can't wait to hear the updates on P90X--I checked out your sister's blog after you wrote about it a while back and it looks super impressive. Brian and I saw it, but nice to know someone whose done it! Keep us posted!

Loveandadoor said...

yes... can't wait to hear about the p90x... Brian keeps watching the infomercial but seriously.. I think it would kill me. So... keep us posted! Can't wait to hear what "real" people have to say about it!

Ann-Marie said...

Cute photos! I love your hair, by the way. It's super-neato! :-)

Jimmie said...

You are so pretty! I love the haircut. And you do look like you came out of a movie. Not quite Audrey Hepburn. Maybe a brunette Doris Day? I'm not too up on old movies, but that hair is perfect for those old 50's films. So classy!