Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ-celebrating, Candy-gorging, Cake-smashing fun

We opted to go to my parents' Lutheran church with them this morning. Yes, a church that serves real wine. Baptists, don't faint please. ;-)

It was a beautiful service, wonderful music, and I even caught most of the message after I escaped from the pre-K room.

Then on to a restaurant for lunch, with my parents and sister's family. I'll have to snag some pictures from her, of our post-Chinese-food photo op by the fountain.

Next, back to Noni and Poppy's for family bday party and the indoor egg hunt.

This preciously perfect, rowdy and loud, happy and sweet Little Lad is 3-years old. But if you ask him how old he is, he'll answer, "I'm FREE!" Gotta love it.

(and a necessary side note: the beautiful shirt he's wearing was made for NatureMan years ago, by my Mimi. The Artist's layered skirt was also made by Mimi. So many wonderful memories...)

Let the Egg Hunt commence! My fabulous folks bought and stuffed 15 eggs for each of the kids, plus four "bonus" eggs. There were four colors, and each child was only allowed to retrieve their color. Wonderful idea, that kept the hiding places and treats age-appropriate, and insured that each child ended up with the same number of eggs and treats.

That's my Mom, below...the one with the 20-year old's body.

(Way to go, marathon woman, you look awesome.)

My lovely Artist-child with all of her pink eggs. They were filled with gum (ADA-approved, my Dad said!), small stuffed animals, dark chocolate candies, and so forth.

NatureMan opening his purple eggs. He also found most of the bonus yellow eggs, with iced cookies inside.

Now, THIS KID, decided to open an egg and shove whatever it contained inside his mouth. After about 4 pieces of gum, and some candy, I caught him, and made the bugger spit it all out. Yes, he has a flair for drama, this one.LittleLad's eggs contained plastic bugs, some cheetos, fruit snacks, and other safe edibles for him.
Does it look like my Man is chewing in the background?? Sneaking your toddler's candy, man?
Ahhh, and can't forget about the parachute men in eggs. Seriously, I love my parents. They make every event more fun, putting extra thought and prep into it.
We also rearranged the living room and playroom, moved the Foosball table to my folks' entertainment room, and took one of their big screens in exchange. Seems like a fair trade to me. ;-) Still have plenty to get done this week, including test-prep for TheArtist Child. We don't often use bubble-testing in our curriculum, so I'll need to throw some in before she starts testing this week.
In other news, I've been drawing or painting everyday. anywhere.
On Saturday the kids and I worked on our houses, for this project.
When LittleLad was in the bath yesterday, I sketched the toilet while I watched him. No joke. And last night, while watching Die Hard with my man, I painted this new picture.
I'm feelin' the spring! These warm days, blooming trees, singing birds just put me in wonderful spirits. Wish we could just take off and camp for a few weeks. Maybe soon!


mommers said...

We love you guys so, so much!!!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Looks like so much fun! The things mom and dad did were so sweet and thoughtful. And what a cake, wow! Happy Birthday, little guy!

sara's art house said...

mmmm that cake looks good and the egg hunt - fun!!!

Syndi said...

What great parents! I can see where your creativity comes from.

Love the house project you're working on. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

Soaring High said...

Looks like a great time together. (No I know where your great genes come from!) = )

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Syndi-- parents kept a large craft table and ample supplies available, when we were growing up. We were always encouraged, and praised for our efforts. :-)

Melinda, I'll tell my Mom you said so. It's not just genes, parents both run marathons! They work hard for the awesome physique. :-D