Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Polka Dot party

On Friday, we had a mini Polka Dot party for Little Lad's 3rd birthday.

We opted out of traditional birthday cake, to have Little Lad's favorite, strawberry shortcake, instead.

Even a Polka party needs pirate hats!

Kids can stay entertained for hours with party hats and balloons.
One sweet friend even gave homemade polka dot crayons. :-) So thoughtful and creative.
Mmmm.... Tracy, thanks so much for bringing extra yummy desserts...
(blueberry, cream cheese, cinnamon deliciousness)

Polka dot foods: chocolate birds' nests with malt ball eggs, pretzel balls, orange and banana slices, round shortcakes with strawberries on top.

At age 2, Scarlett has perfected her hair flip.

I had a great time, with fabulous family and friends. My sweet Little Lad just ate up the attention and yummy foods. I know I'm short on descriptions, but I've been short on time and energy, so I'm trying to catch up now. :-)
That afternoon, I finally went in to the doctor, to get NatureMan checked out, and have some blood tests done. NatureMan has a sprained area in his chest, that should be fine after some Motrin for a few days. Nothing is fractured, thank goodness!!
All of my tests looked good. Blood pressure was on the low end of normal, I'm not anemic, pulse seems fine... I did have a slight fever, but nothing that would indicate an obvious problem. If I'm still funky in a week, we'll do some thyroid tests. My doc thinks I may just be getting sick.
I did notice yesterday, however, that I feel much worse if I've had much caffeine or if I wait too long to eat. I also tend to feel the worst around 2pm, for some reason.
Today I've made a point to eat little amounts every hour, and have felt much better.
Thanks for praying for us.
Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather. I'm not thrilled about it, but we did enjoy a family firepit lunch in the backyard, while playing Yahtzee. I lost. Boo.
Have a fabulous week.


sara's art house said...

cute party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>> said...

Party looks great! Glad you're more or less feeling better and that nothing is obviously extremely wrong. Hoping you're not getting sick(er). Thanks for filling us in.
Love ya!