Monday, April 19, 2010

Repurposing plastic Easter eggs

I have yet another use for these super cheap plastic eggs. First, we did the alphabet and/or color matching game. Now it's time for some decorative fun.
Gather eggs, newspaper, acrylic paints, brush(es), and paint water. Start some music, if that suits you. :-) For this project, I only set out blue, silver, and white paints.
Paint, sponge, swirl, or whatever floats your boat.
Let dry for an hour or so.
Fill with sweet treats, use for decoration or...
do what I'm doing: Fill each egg with flower seeds, and lay them inside a real bird's nest. Pair with gardening gloves, or a potted plant (make the plant labels, too!), and use for your next hostess gift. :-)

(A gift for a mom with little kids would include the mammoth sunflowers, and other large-seed, fast-growing, delightful flowers. For moms with older or grown kids, I'd probably include moss rose or snapdragons...tiny seeds...)

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Soaring High said...

This is a great project I can use for my Sunday School class for Mother's Day! What a great idea!!!!!