Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meeting Pen Pals, and Special Visitors

Meet Claudia.

I met her at an Artists' Night that I attended a few months ago. She is kind, interesting, funny. Through the course of the night, we chatted about why and when they built their gorgeous home out in the country. It seems that this country girl married a city boy, and it wasn't until they retired that her dream of being in the boonies, owning horses and writing came true. Then and there, I knew I'd have to hook her up with my little Artist Child, for the Artist has the same dream. For several months now, multiple times a week, they've corresponded through email. (The Artist can already type faster than I can.)
They met for the first time at the Horse Festival, and Claudia invited us to come out and ride. Artist-Child has been counting down the days.

After meeting all of the horses (and dogs and chickens,) the kids helped Claudia brush Shriner and saddle him up.

The Artist had the first lesson... half an hour riding, reviewing, working on posture...
...while the boys played with barrels.

Claudia was kind enough to give each of the boys a ride, too.
It was a ridiculously cold morning, but well worth it! Thank you so much Claudia!!

On Wednesday night, a dear friend took me to the cafe, under the ruse of coffee-enjoyment. She had arranged a mini-birthday celebration with a few friends! Sherrill, thank you. You are so kind. The inflatable cake was hilarious. :-D Even more hilarious, the length of time it took to get the battery cover open!
(and see, I'm wearing one of my little swirly flowers (: )

Arkansas weather is finicky, at best. Yesterday and today, we had amazingly warm weather. I wore a tank top both days. We did plenty of gardening, after school, and spotted a furry friend behind our fence.

Tomorrow the weather may turn yucky again, but we have all-day plans to keep us happy.
AND my sewing machine is back out on the kitchen table.
I whipped up some frilly thigh-highs for my 2-year old niece, to bring with me tomorrow.
Pictures to follow; I have to get shots of her wearing them tomorrow before showing a tutorial.

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Soaring High said...

Oh if every child (or woman for that matter) had a mentor! Older women have had a huge impact on my life at various stages. I pray the same blessing for my daughter.
What a precious thing that they have so much in common.