Monday, April 26, 2010

The "Day Of"

My 30th birthday weekend + Monday ("Day Of") simply could not have been better. I didn't have any of those "woe is me" feelings; no contemplations of the percentage of life that I've lived or anything else along those typical (?) lines. Seeing as how I've felt at least 30 for some time, this new season is just rollin' smoothly on in.

(** you know there's a craft, don't you? If you feel the insatiable urge to see it RIGHT NOW, I give you permission to skip down to the end...and then come on back and read about my amazing friends and family.**)

Fred was off work today(sweet blessing, thank you God,) so he let me sleep in. I like to sleep, and would not wake up ever unless kids came in jumping on my head. When I did roll myself out of bed at 9am, the house was spotless, dishwasher was whirling away, washing machine was going, and kids were fed. Yeah, Fred, the jig is up. I know now that you CAN work the washing machine. That revelation aside, I was pleasantly surprised (read: shocked beyond reason that SO much was done,) and the day began with a bang.

Add to that, Trac stopped over with a special birthday breakfast of delicious quiche, delectable scones, banana muffins with cinnamon crumble topping AND her amazing fresh-roasted coffee, (which I got to keep, by the way!) Go ahead and check out her
Little Coffee Company on etsy. Once you try Little Coffee, you can never go back. This girl knows her stuff.

The jam, courtesy of Sam, was amazing as well. Who makes Wild Violet Jam??? I'm blessed with such amazingly talented and unique friends If you find a recipe for this, I'd recommend savoring it with plain scones, like we did, as the violet taste is very delicate and sweet. It needs to be relished without any other overpowering flavors.

My day and my agenda: We went hiking next. I was slightly put off by the cooler weather at first, but after a hike and several crazy games of freeze-tag with the kids, I concluded that the weather was just right for the occasion. Look at the greenness of it all!! Just spectacular. The water was covered with a layer of pollen, though. Seems that our cold spell lasted a bit too long and then everything just decided to bloom all at once. Little Lad even did some "swimming" in the shredded tires beneath the playground. When we were all thoroughly worn out, we headed back for a Mexican dinner at home. My favorite. Cheese. Avocados. Cilantro... Mexican food has all the best things.

This next picture had to be taken. We were in Oklahoma. 'Nuf said?
(Relax, relax, it's a JOKE. I make fun of Arkansas all the time, too. In fact, all the southern states are fair game. (-; )

Yes, the bumper was held on my bungee cords. Seriously.

Now, you know I couldn't end a perfect day without throwing crafts into the mix. After kids were snugly tucked into bed, Fred and I turned on a movie and I did my usual can't-sit-still crafting.

These pants were just insane: Shiny, droopy, crazy things that begged for transformation. I obliged.

Fabric flower time. Once you start these, it's hard to stop. And I have no tutorial for you. I saw these somewhere, similar to
this one (and there is a tutorial at that site!) and decided to wing it. Actually, I'm glad that I didn't see a tut to start with, because my way was WAY easier (lazier) and faster. I wasn't going for perfection, just experimenting with scraps.
I cut different sized circles from cardboard.
Yes, cardboard.
Then I tore strips of fabric, of whatever length and width.
We're winging it, remember?
And, using tacky glue and fabric fusion, I twisted, turned, swirled around the fabric onto the glue cardboard circle. Can't even tell, can you?
I added pins on the back, so I can dress up my headbands, clothes, shoes, purse, whatever.
I can safely assume that no one has done flowers in this way. And I'm perfectly okay with that. It worked for me, and you are more than welcome to try it out for yourself! Or do it the "right way"and grab a great tutorial from somewhere. :-) Sometimes it's the idea that counts. Take the idea and run with it. Actually, I plan to sew them next time, to make a "statement" necklace.

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Appleshoe said...

Hmmm. I like this. I think I will use wood disks instead of cardboard and some leather scraps. Thanks for the Idea.

Elizabeth said...

What an incredibly wonderful way to celebrate your special day! You and your family are blessed to have each other! Those pictures of your party are awesome. Looks like you all were having a blast!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Aw, GO FRED! And that was so sweeet of Trac to make you such a great breakfast.
OOh, and I hope you have some of the jam left for me to try next time I'm over!
It likes like your birthday-day was great! Love you!

PS--I love the flowers and the fact that you winged it!

Kaysi said...

Those fabric flowers are great!