Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painted Rock Plant Labels

First, I have to show off the Artist's latest paint-by-number. These take a lot of time, but she loves these things, and they always turn out great! Next up: rock painting. I've always had a things for painting the unusual: shoes, trashed furniture, my porch, you name it. Why not rocks? They can be used as paperweights, door stops, garden decor, or plant labels.
This river rock will go on the side of the house, where I've planted Autumn Beauty Sunflowers.
I painted it with acrylics, left it to dry, coated with varnish and then let dry again. Didn't bother with the underside:Next, a little watermelon slice, to go in my garden near the watermelon plants. This rock is about 2 inches long, at least half the size of the other one. We also whipped out some more painted wide-popsicle-stick labels:Paint solid color and, when that dries, dot or swirl or get messy. Add stamped label if you desire. Coat with varnish to protect the paint from the elements.

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Mwende said...

Very nice ! I'll be trying to teach this to kids in an african school.