Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bracing for the next one

Just this morning our street was plowed.
And today we brace for the next round.
For reference, my husband is 6'2".These icicles came off of our garage. The firepit, looking all unnatural, and quite alone.

My LittleLad, braving the peaks of shoveled snow in our front yard

Driving conditions last Friday.... where's the street, you ask...
I don't have anything witty to say. Or any art to show. Or any craft ideas to share. I'm tired.
Spent the last few evenings working on 40 homemade baby shower invitations for a friend. And trying to plan out & catch up with the kids' schoolwork. And catch up on errands between snowfalls.
I just need some sunshine, exercise, and warmth.

{sigh} More upbeat post to follow soon, hopefully, when the sun comes out again...

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