Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I wore and what I painted

This is what I call layering! And, yes, I'm wearing black wool leg warmers. So sue me.
getting accidental swipe of black paint across the page, thanks to the cat!
Good thing I love her.

I forgot to take more progress pictures {sigh}

Not much hair grows between the thighs, right? Trying to be true to life here... ;)

Who needs a hug?

And...I'm done. He's color-coordinated, although his better half had better start buying some longer shorts for this dude.

-I need a new home. Buy me on etsy. :)

1 comment:

Ms Debbie said...

Love it !! I didnt know you had an etsy shop! I am going to look. Also, did you notice that your attire inspired your picture somewhat ?