Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I'm Too Tired To Paint Tonight

When the snow starts to melt away, life resumes, with a vengeance!
Friday night we attended a special dinner, and it was simply The Most Amazing Meal Ever:
appetizer- homemade ravioli filled with wild mushrooms in a brown butter sauce with fried sage leaves
salad- salad wedge with apple and pecans with thyme and buttermilk drizzle
main- crepes stuffed with shrimp and crab and covered in a white wine cheese sauce, topped with baby greens and pickled red onions, a roasted carrot, and served with fresh bread
"digestive"- (to cut the richness of the last meal and ready you for dessert) citrus granita
dessert- an incredibly delicious rich brownie with cherry sauce and...the most heavenly ice-creamy-but-more-delectable thing on the left side of the picture (almost blends in with the white plate.) What is that? It was ....oh good.
(And now I'm hungry, great!)

On Saturday morning I went out for coffee and pastries with one of my dearest friends. Such a special treat!

And then to an indoor pool party for a little friend of ours. Very neat to see snow out the windows, while we swam around in a heated pool. :)

My Man taking Little Lad down the slide...

We got home in time to do some painting, and work on our Valentines for the upcoming homeschool party. I love the way LittleLad cocks his head, to assess his painting progress! Sunday: Church ~ which was wonderful, moving... I've had the songs "God of Justice" and "In Christ Alone" ringing through my head since....

An aside: Do you ever ask yourself why we go to church? Because it's what we're "supposed to do"? no.

We go to learn, worship, get filled up, then go pour out what we've been given.

Fill us up and send us out into the world.
I never want to merely exist.

As I was saying, on Sunday we went to church, and then to Papaw's for a yummy Italian lunch. You can tell which two tend to be the goofiest, right? ;)

After church, more work on Valentine's boxes... and lots of family time... snowball fights outside, with short-sleeved shirts on, and reading new books from Paperback swap.
Today: Bowling/ Pizza Valentine's Day Party with the homeschool group.
Oli (3) scored 75! not too shabby for a little guy.
Papaw even came and bowled with us (and won, I might add!) Then home for school... then out of town for errands... and to Papaw's to pick up a little lasagna (thank you, Papaw!) and on to our homey home.
I'm tired.
Feels like we've been coming home only to dump things, and run back out the door. I seriously have playdates every single afternoon this week, and then I think life will slow down, when we all get over the Excitement of being able to leave our homes again.
These poor oversocialized homeschoolers!! ;)

Must go to bed.

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Arato Girl said...

All that sounds AMAZING!

That picture of Papaw bowling is great! I am impressed!

Can't wait to spend time with you soon.