Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Crafting Party

Today we had an awesome little crafting party with some dear friends!
Have you ever seen chocolate covered fortune cookies? YUM!
Mine read, "A romantic interlude is in your future." Fred was thrilled. ;) We made these adorable candy trains. Great idea, Bridgitt!
And painted clay friendship necklaces, which Bridgitt made in advance. She is on the ball!!

I didn't actually get any pictures of the Valentine's Wind Socks we made.
Shoot. Will have to get some from her later.I love this girl! me and Bridgitt! (I'm on tippy toes!)

We found two of the little ones cozying up on the bed, reading stories. Too sweet!
I'm a big fan of David Shannon books!
Then outside playtime!! It was about 70 degrees today, which is nearly a 100 degree change from this time last week. No joke.
My sweet, sweet Man played ball with all of the boys. Good hit, Andrew!
MyBoy and Andrew are good buddies.

They spent quite a chunk of time hunting for bugs together, handling worms, and catching spiders. I'm glad my nature-lover has so many friends who share his passion.
Trampoline-jumping time!
Bridgitt and I also played Duck Duck Goose for awhile with the 7 little monkeys.
Bike riding...
{Happy Sigh}
This weather just Floats My Boat, y'all!
Some big news to announce tomorrow...! (for those of you who don't already know!)

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mamabusybee said...

:) We also had a blast Wendy! Andrew LOVES LOVES LOVES to dig in the dirt, and they had just begun that when we left. He says next time he wants to start out in the dirt. :) Thanks for having us over. We all had so much fun. Blessings, Bridgitt