Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costume Cooking Club Par-taaaaay

My lovely little sister, Medusa
and me, Victorian Steampunk

Left to right: me, Tracy, Kari, Traci, Rochelle, Julie ( below, Medusa), Michele (sitting, pirate), Megan, and Kailee

I'll tell ya, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I looooove dressing up, love hanging out with friends, love making funky gross-looking food, and loooooove parties!
For Cooking Club, we had a great group of former and current members.
Oh my goodness, these women are FUN!

Forgive the food pictures. I neglected to take any with my camera, but my sister did manage to snag some with her phone.
I made a vomiting pumpkin (guacamole...mmmmm)
Used Q-tips (mini marshmallows with white icing and crushed cookies on the end)
Bloody band-aids (graham crackers with white icing and strawberry pie filling- YUM)
The bleeding brain
(gelatin, pureed peaches and syrup, whipped cream vodka, filled with blackberry and strawberry pie filling)

Fun times, y'all, fun times!!
We went to another fab-u-lous party last night. Pictures to come.
And today we are headed to yet another.
Seriously, this is a fun fun time of year!

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Cerise said...

Those costumes look really fantastic!! And the food looks awesome. I think I would have been too grossed out to eat the bloody bandaids and used qtips.