Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Days of fire and bacon, gaming and crafting, pumpkins and cats!

We started a fire the other day, when it was crisp and cool...and the wood was barely dry enough to burn. Since that initial fall success, we've had a fire at least once every day.
We've been doing hot dog roasts, foil pack dinner, s'more dessert time, you name it.

What else is new? A bunch of random happy moments.
My Man's Dad came over last Saturday, for some wii-sports time with the kids. He's a pro wii-golfer. I hear most firemen are?

(Their attire cracks me up. My Girl and Oldest Boy, snuggled in appropriate cold-weather-clothes...and then you have the barefoot kindergartner & 2nd grader, who didn't want to slide with golfing and bowling...and then there's Middle Boy who also took off his shirt because "that's what you do when you're playing sports.")

We've also been paper-crafting over in these parts.
These projects were 100% the kids-- the idea, follow-through, creation.
They amaze me.
Here, My Oldest Boy's Captain America paper costume.

Below, My Middle Boy's paper home, complete with basement.
Yeah, I have awesome kids!

We also went to the University's Insect Festival last week. It was crazy-crowded, but very interesting.
I'm glad we went, but we'll choose a different time slot next year!
And to the Pumpkin shed after that...
Following my Random Update theme for this post--
I also tried my hand at bacon weaving! Yes, I found the idea on Pinterest.
I'm here~~Follow Me on Pinterest ~~

Just weave the bacon raw, put it in a glass pan, bake at 400 degrees until it's as done as you want it. I flipped mine over a couple of times, and baked until good and crispy. I think it took about half an hour. YUM! We have burger BLTs without any bacon falling off.

I'm still having fun with snail mail art. Love experimenting with lettering and whatnot.
Yeah, I blurred out Suzanne's address...I don't know if she wants snail mail from everyone! ;)

Last but not least-- my precious fat cat, Calvin. This is the coziest, cuddliest, sweetest kitty I've ever owned. I know I've talked before about not being a "pet person." I'm not. I don't like yappy dogs, or anything that jumps on me. I don't like cleaning up poo, or being tripped by leashes. It's just not my favorite thing.
Yeah, all baby animals are cute, but then they get big and tear up siding.
Sooo, I wasn't thrilled when My Man wanted to get a cat.
But this guy-- he stole my heart. :)


Suzanne said...

haha! I set that envelope out to take a pic of it, but trying to blur it out was so daunting I never got around to it and just packed it away in our keepsakes. Thanks for doing the work for me! I love this random post!

amy in peru said...

p.s. just thought i'd say that i found you via pinterest. so you know. :)