Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Girl

I need to take a moment to brag on my girl. This beautiful teen just accepted her first job, doing childcare for a church Bible study. She is officially on payroll. I helped her fill out her first-ever W2 (and held back tears until she was in bed.)
I am proud of her, y'all!

I'll be honest, the teen years scare me.
Perhaps-- cough, cough-- because I put my own parents through the wringer during that time. Sorry, guys! Granted, there were extenuating circumstances... yada yada, still, it scared me big time. (past tense now)  

At 13, my Girl is kind. She is sweet, caring, precious. She is responsible and thoughtful, hardworking, and courteous. I wonder what I did to get such an amazing kid (they all are!)
She confounds me with her introversion, though. I grew up in a family of introverts, and didn't find my extroverted footing until I was grown and out of the house....and, boy, let me tell you, when I found that footing, I planned a party right there and then!
I like people. In doses, admittedly (I'm one of those ENFP extroverts who also needs some serious downtime.)
But my Girl? She's all the way on the other side. Introvert supreme. She prefers quiet, individual activities, lots of alone time. She prefers books to people, a good deal of the time.
I second-guess myself all the time with this kid. Where's the line between encouraging her to go do activities, and pressuring her? I never want to make her feel like she's anything less than wonderful for who she is.  What's best for her? How do I nurture this amazing young lady?
With each child, I'm still learning, still in training, still unsure.

As I sit here typing, she's behind me, quietly reading a book, engaged in her other world.
Such a complex, incredible little person.
I'm so happy, so grateful for who she is and who she's becoming.
So grateful that, although she prefers time to herself, she still enjoys family activities and outings.
I'm so grateful for the miracle that she is!
Congratulations, My Girl, on your job!


Cerise said...

Congrats on her first job! That's so exciting.
Sounds like you are raising a wonderful young lady.

Amy said...

Congrats to your beautiful daughter! I too, have a 13 yr. old gilry....but it's my 15 yr. old boy that is more the introvert that you talk about....and I too, worry sometimes about that same I push him into activities or allow him space if he doesn't want to participate? It's hard to know exactly, but I just try & cover it with prayer! You don't know how thrilled I was just the other week when he agreed to go over to our neighbor's house with his brother for a bonfire. They both had such a fun time & I was praising the Lord....that was biggie for him!