Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Soliciting Sign & other misc art!

No Soliciting
at this bright, happy, yellow cottage!
I'd been meaning to make a cute little sign to laminate and post in the window.
(If a solicitor passes the others, on the fence and by the doorbell.)  
I'll be honest.
I seriously thought about making a gory one (like a bear ripping a solicitor apart),
but decided against it, for the children's sake.Below, my work space-- kitchen table, Lucy asleep on a platter, oodles of markers and pens nearby. Someday I'd love to have my own little studio to Artsy Up, but I'm not holding my breath. ;)
This is fine and dandy for now.

The boys posed with their pumpkin art yesterday, before the storms rolled through:
Cute stuff! They worked hard on these designs.
In the evening, as storms started rolling through, I felt ridiculously energized, as if the lightning was coursing through my veins. There was an itch-- an ache-- to draw, make, design, paint SOMETHING.
And so I did.
While Fred and I watched Bond movies, he folded clothes and I drew and drew...and drew...
Here are a couple of the pages from my sketchbook.
Just journaly-doodly things. The one above isn't complete yet.
 There's something so soothing about letting your pen move, and letting ideas and images flow out.


Anonymous said...

I am still working on getting comfortable with my sketchbook. I love seeing all you do with yours. (And I miss those lightning storms~ don't think I've heard real thunder in years!)

ThePaintedPisces said...

Hi there. I really enjoy seeing your journal/sketch book drawings/entries. Most of the time that I don't draw it's because I have too much or too little inspiration, or really its a time thing. Keep it up, keep sharing! Love it!