Sunday, October 28, 2012

Costume Party #2

Update in photos:
Top Row: Chris, Carina, Kristin, me, Fred, Astine, Amy, Joshua, Jason
Second Row: Coli, Vu, Isabelle, Julie, Jenny, Bryan
Bottom: Athena and Traci
 Traci's costume totally cracked me up!!!
The right to bear arms-- yeah, baby!
Below, my lovely youngest sister, and my incredibly tall and beautiful teenage daughter.
They're 16 years apart, but about the same size. :)

 I went as Cleopatra to this party, and my Man went as Julius Caesar.
We're trying out the couple theme outfits this time around.
(We also own the Popeye and Olive Oil set!)
Here we have Jenny AKA Cat-Nurse from Dr.Who, and Amy AKA Harlequin mime.
And now, to get ready to go, once again! :)

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