Thursday, October 18, 2012

The crayonized pumpkin

A quick easy craft for our Wednesday afternoon!
The kids peeled crayons, and I ran them through my cheapy little hot glue gun,
 to drip on my $3 white Wal-Mart pumpkin.
(I prefer getting my pumpkins from Aldi, but they didn't have any white ones there.)
I'm pleased with the end result!
More color for my colorful home!


Amy said...

I LOVE it! I saw this on Pinterest & was wanting to give it a try.

Lisa said...

How fun!!! It looks great!

Krista ODD said...

Does it wreck the glue gun? I have a little pack of soy crayons i could use but don't want to destroy my gun:)

Wendy said...

Krista- No, but it's messy, and your glue might be forever tinted with crayon wax after this. BUT I have one glue gun just for this purpose. Only a MINI glue gun will work well (perfect size for the crayons) and you can grab one from the Dollar Tree. It's a light, easy investment. :)