Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm a slacker

Okay, I know I haven't been keeping up well with my blog or anyone else's. I've just been so super busy, and I have so many things that I like to do with any spare time I get.

A quick recap. Last weekend we had some awesome friends over. Jack and Sue are older than us, and I think of them as mentors. They are both so sweet and great, and their little son Daniel is good friends with Ethan. Anyway, it was so much fun to have them over to eat and roast marshmallows in the fire pit. It was good to see October that night, too, when she stopped by for jumper cables.

The week is a blur. We did lots of arts and crafts, went to the park with friends, prepared for a yard sale, went to Mothering Matters. The kids had TeamKID on Wednesday and I helped teach a pre-K class. That was fun, and Ethan loved having me as his "real teacher" for part of the time. (As if I don't "really" teach at home! Hmph. ;-)

Yesterday Fred went to the poker tourney in West Fork and made it back just in time to hop in the van and head to our Sunday School fall party. That was fun! I have pictures to post. Isabelle got to see the most beloved animals on four hooves. She just adores horses. Julie promised her she could come and ride soon, and already the "when, Mommy, when?" has started.

Part of the whole farm experience was a hay ride. Let me tell you, that hayride was the LONGEST one I've ever been on. An hour and a half on a hay bale. Wow! Luckily, it was very mild weather and very enjoyable company. I love to be outside anyway. And two of our four kiddos fell asleep on the ride! They all slept like rocks last night, too. In fact, Ethan didn't wake up until 8:45, when I was getting ready to leave!

Today is also a blur. Church stuff for 3 hours, Shopping, cleaning, football, friend over, choir, popcorn. For his dinner, Fred requested this artery clogging meal that my sister makes. It's hot sausage cooked, then mixed with cream cheese and wrapped into a crescent roll. You bake for about 15 minutes, and voila, you have the unhealthiest (but very tasty) snack (or meal) that you can imagine. He wants me to make them again tomorrow so he can bring them to Man Night at church. That certainly seems like "Man food."

Oh, and on the topic of food. I cooked fish!! I know, seems a weird thing to be proud of. But it's the first time I've ever cooked good, edible fish. Suzanne gave it to me, and I got tips from October and Mimi. It turned out so yummy that people went back for seconds and thirds until it was gone. Success! So I bought some more at the store today. October reminded me that it is brain food. Yes, it is!

Okay, I'm just tired and rambling now. Good night to all and to all a good night. Pictures will follow soon... yawn...


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Yeah, that fish was soooo good! I'm glad Fred liked the could anybody not? That would be like people who don't like chocolate. What freaks!

By the way, I loved how you played with the pictures in your last post in black-and-white and color. I think you'd make such an excellent graphic designer, since youre good with computers and you're artistic.

Anonymous said...

I agree to that!
Also, I think you can cook fish because you're a good cook. You have a knack! I'm glad people enjoyed it and you should make it as often as you want with no is very healthy and I know that matters a lot to you!
I like your rambling post =)

WendyJanelle said...

aw, gee (blushing), thanks guys! I'm glad you think I'm a good cook... and artistic. A dear friend asked if I had seriously prayed about starting photography as a stay-at-home job. And, honestly, I had not. How stupid is that? ;-) It's one of my biggest dreams and I had NOT prayed about it. So now I'm doing double-duty praying, and you can pray about it, too, if you want. :-)

WendyJanelle said...

Oh, and yes, healthy does matter to me a lot. I've been buying lean groung turkey and Fred doesn't even know it (and it's cheaper!) I've also gotten him down to skim milk and he'll eat eggs with fewer yolks, too. All good. He's cute way back on pop and other convenience foods, too. All praises!

silly me said...

were we seperated at birth? and can you come over for a playdate, because i could sure use an adult who understands (and of course need more kids running around my house!)?

so glad you found me and likewise. nice to meet you! i'll be linking you up and visiting often!

Mandy said...

Just visiting from "silly me"'s site... I love your "I make milk... what's your super power?" ad!! If you want shirts for you and the kids with similar sayings you can go to or I just ordered two shirts from granola threads.. one for my infant Samuel that says "2% Frogs, snails and puppy dog's tails - 98% breastmilk" and one for my 3yr old that says "attatchment parenting - nature's plan"

by the way.. I don't like fish so have never cooked it.. I'd be super proud of myself if I ever did though! lol

WendyJanelle said...

I've gotta get one of those shirts!