Monday, October 1, 2007

body image

Every Sunday Fred buys donuts. It's just a tradition for him. I usually pass on those fried delicacies, but yesterday I ate TWO donuts with my coffee. Anyone remember that commercial of the girl walking down the street with donuts on her bottom? That's the picture that I immediately conjured up. I wanted to post it, but can't find it. heh heh. Just as well.

After that I tried on three outfits for church before finally sticking on a knee length skirt and blouse. And, let me tell you, I was so self-conscious about it at church. I usually wear longer skirts than that. We all have our body image issues, don't we?

I remember once, in elementary school, a girl told me on the playground that I had bad nails and big lips. (Actually, part of that was a major compliment, but I didn't take it that way at the time. Maybe thin lips were "in" then.) And so started my body image issues.

I've always had a gripe about my thighs, too. Don't we all? ;-) But when I look at pictures of myself, I don't look bad... so it must just be the mirror that I'm looking in at home (and in dressing rooms.)

I have to stop myself and remember that my "little people" are watching me. I want them to love their bodies and be confident with who they are. God made us in His image, and we should treasure that and take care of ourselves, not condemn and gripe, turning this way and that in the mirror.

And, actually, sometimes I feel very good about who I am and how I look. I guess it just depends on the mood of the day. ;-) Fred helps, too, being very complimentary of my appearance. Although he did ask, before the La-Z-Boy picnic, if I was planning to wear what I had on... Hmmm... Needless to say, I quickly changed clothes.

My parents did bless me with healthy habits from a young age. We always took walks, went swimming, hiked and camped, played tennis.... Of course, when you have marathon-running parents, I guess it's natural that they would pass on good exercise and eating habits. Having chips or soda in our home was a big deal. We just didn't regularly eat like that. Cakes were reserved for birthdays only. But we ate tons of delicious fruit, steamed veggies... all the things that I love now.

A gal I know recommended a great article on body image by a friend of mine, Shelley. You can find it here. It's worth the read!


Brook'sBlog said...

this is weird that you posted this, b/c i was just thinking that if only I looked 1/2 as good after I had my children as you do now! Girl, you are beautiful, you have a beautiful family and 2 donuts are NOT going to make you look like that girl on that commercial. LMBO! Though, that commercial is HALARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

The ideal person is not the same from place to place anyway. I'm glad you're thinking about how kids need to be taught.... not to be vain.
As far as the "are you wearing that" comment; welcome to my life!

Ann-Marie said...

Mmmm...dougnuts! Dang it, now I'm hungry. I wish my hubby bought doughnuts on Sunday - we're lucky if he has 5 minutes between getting out of bed and in the car on our way to church! Seriously, we all struggle with body image - you are not alone! And btw, you are beautiful! Inside and out.

WendyJanelle said...

After reading the comments, I decided to look up the "correct" spelling. They're both correct! Who knew?

Main Entry: dough·nut
Variant(s): also do·nut /-(")n&t/
Function: noun
1 : a small usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat.

Doesn't sound so appealing after reading the definition!! ;-)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Oh my gosh! I just posted on my blog about trouble with diet and exercise....then I got your new one in my email....must be something in the air! :) Wendy, you are beautiful and healthy and loving and kind. Your eyes are lights that give us a glimpse of your soul and your smile is worth a million bucks! I will say, though, that it's nice to know someone else out there is battling the same "image" war as I am! Oh, and I read the body image article...very good! If I looked like you, I'd be totally happy! :) But then, I'm sure we all think that about someone!

WendyJanelle said...

Really, Jerri? Funny! I'll have to read that.

Thanks for the compliments, you all. It wasn't a plug for affirmation!

I know we all struggle with body image issues. I wish I could just get over it.

The Prov 31 woman is beautiful. We all know that, right? But do you realize it never actually mentions her physical body or face at all? So there must be more to beauty than that!

Suzanne said...

This is what I'm speaking on in November. Which is something different than my testimony that I may or may not be sharing...we'll see.

WendyJanelle said...

Can't wait to hear it, Suzanne!!