Monday, October 29, 2007

Potato Po-tah-to

I just found about 10 potatoes under my son's dresser when i was digging for a sock. They weren't sprouting yet, so I'm guessing this was done recently. I can only ask why? Why would a boy put potatoes under his dresser? Would they have started to stink eventually? Would I have ever realized that half a bag was missing? Probably not.

Boys, oh, boys. Gotta love 'em, and try not to wring their little necks! ;-)

On a completely different note, visiting Tab's house plus the journal I just saw about bed spreads has got me thinking about my house. For some reason I can place people in photos, and do lighting and colors, etc. I love all that. And I love dressing up and doing make-up (never outgrew the whole princess dress-up thing). But I can't decorate my own home! It's like I'm not even sure what I like. I'm going for some kind of look (maybe?) but then I change my mind.

It's not until I see what other people have that I say "wow-- THAT is what I would want my house to look like!" Well, Tab, you've won the prize. I love the black tile, the plates, the bent spoon, the old sewing machine you name it. Awesome house. I just wanted to take photos of the house, and wander around... but I restrained myself. ;-) I am very very sentimental, and the old vintage things just called out to me.

So, anyway, if you see something beautiful (or old and ugly but it fits me) please let me know. Maybe it'll jump out at me and I'll start to get a clue.


Brook'sBlog said...
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WendyJanelle said...

You mean you want me to make you an appointment?

You know that saying, "If you give away the milk for free no one will buy the cow"? Same with the photos. If I take a bunch of pictures and just email them out, then there would be no reason for anyone to buy any portraits, right? All of my photos are copyrighted now.

I'm trying to make a business out of this, to help pay our bills and enable me to stay home with the kiddos.

I'd love to do portraits of your family! Just let me know if you want to do that, and we can set up a date. I have three scheduled in town at the gazebo on November 10th, and I could do yours that day also, in the evening.That way everything will already be set up. Just let me know.

My new equipment should ship Thursday.

Ann-Marie said...

Maybe he was starting a potato garden?! I love your kid stories. They always make me grin - like the idea of finding potatoes while looking for socks.

Sounds like a great children's book - Potatoes Are Hiding In My Sock Drawer!

Ann-Marie said...
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Brook'sBlog said...

Of course I want an APPOINTMENT. LOL Didn't want them for FREE silly girl.
I will call ya ;) about it.
I changed my blog address too. :)

WendyJanelle said...

Sounds great, Brook. Hey, I didn't know you could delete your comments! That's pretty nifty.

Anyway, I just wasn't sure when you mentioned using your camera and all...
Mine shipped early TODAY! YEA! It'll be here in a couple of days and then I'll be set.
Will you be at the craft day Saturday? I'll talk to you tomorrow. Sherrill and I are doing your meal...

Arato Girl said...

The potato story is so funny!!!