Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More two-year old conversations

Mommy: Hi, Trevor, can I play with you?
Trev: No, go out.
Mommy: Well, can I read you a book?
Trev: No, you can't. Go out.
Mommy: Okay, give me a kiss.
Trev: No. Yucky.
Mommy: If you give me a kiss I will go out.
Trev: I wiped it off

Why are boys like that? Little rascal!

Yesterday I went through the drive-through window at the bank. I rolled down my window and was greeted. Then Trevor yells from the backseat, "I'll take two hamburgers!" The tellers got a good laugh! What's really funny is that we don't eat out!! Almost never. He's *maybe* gotten a burger through a drive through once in the last 6 months. And he's only 2! He also does not watch TV so he doesn't see all of those drive through commercials. Where is this coming from?


Mandy said...

lol! I swear they can remember EVERYTHING! I would've gotten a huge laugh out of that myself :)

I read your post about Oliver not pooping for a few days.. just so you know it's actually quite common for breastfed babies to even go up to A WEEK without a poop! Of course if their little tummies get all in a bind and they really cannot go, you can always do a Q-tip with a bit of vasaline and go a tiny bit up their rear to stimulate them to go.. it works. I thankfully haven't had to do that to Samuel, but I've come close once or twice!

Ann-Marie said...

Okay, so that comment has helped me put off lunch for another couple of hours. You moms are amazing. I'm really (really) not at all sure I could ever do that (above comment). Maybe it's best we are infertile.

Anyhoo, loved the cutie talking story! I don't know where kids come up with half the stuff they do.

I remember one mom telling me her family had gone out to fast food restuarants a lot during one week. When they were finally home, one of her kids said, "Gosh, it's nice to finally eat at home." And then promptly threw his china plate in the trash. He was so conditioned to doing it at thh fast food restaurants! Too funny!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

ha, ha! that boy is such a rascal! i told adam about how funny he was with owen yesterday. he's going to toughen owen up!

WendyJanelle said...

Mandy, I shouldn't have been so general. MY breastfed babies usually poop every day or other day. On day 5 or 6 I start to get worried!! Thanks for the tip (no pun intended)! I didn't know that!

WendyJanelle said...

HAhaha. At least you read that BEFORE you ate lunch, right? ;-)

My toddler also throws dishes in the trash! But it's b/c we grill a lot and use paper plates.

Jules, yep, compared to Owen, Trev is really hyperactive and crazy!

Simply Stork said...

ok...laughed quite a while about this one...just picturing it in my mind...the bank teller must have laughed about that one even after you left...he he how funny.