Sunday, October 7, 2007

My hick in-laws

Yesterday we went to see my in-laws sing at their church. Their group is called Pioneer Days. I guess they didn't like my name suggestion: Hicks in the Sticks. He's like, "hey, what are you trying to say anyway??" But, come on, look at them!! ;-) Hahaha You don't get much more hick than that! I love 'em anyhow. ;-)

After the singing, we ate some heart-attack-inducing (but yummy) food and then the kids pet the horses nearby before we left. It was a dream come true for Isabelle. She L-O-V-E-S horses.


Brook'sBlog said...

wow, that looks fun~ A friend of ours that I grew up with (they were my parents best friends at our church) she has a horse. She loved to have kids over to ride her. Lady (the horse) loves children. My kids ride her alot. Anyway--- Sherry does awana's at Harvard and her girls get together once a month and ride lady. Maybe the next time we go to let the kids ride, Issabelle can come with us and ride her too?
Glad you have a great weekend. It is such a nice day for it!

WendyJanelle said...

Yes, Isabelle would love that!! I'd want to be right there, and make sure that she had on a helmet, etc. In fact, I might just ride with her, being the overprotective parent that I am.