Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just ask!

Okay, so I'm floating on cloud 9 right now. I can overlook all the little things: the messy house, the misbehaving toddler, piles of laundry... because my long-awaited dreams are being realized, and I am so HAPPY about it! :-) Jump, jump, jump.

I've read some friends' blogs lately that got me thinking. Really, what am I supposed to be doing? What's my gift? My purpose? Am I already fulfilling it, without realizing it? Is God using me behind my back, so to speak? Or do I need to be consciously looking for more of a "calling?"

I took a spiritual gifts assessment in Sunday School. It surprised me quite a bit. Apparently I'm a great helper, and high on mercy. But teaching and evangelism are not strong points, (supposedly). Anyway, my friend Shelley wrote about this awesome drum player who was so obviously fulfilling his calling. I want to be doing that.

Okay, so all this rambling just to say that I started really analyzing my strengths, weaknesses, passions. What do I love? How can I use it? How can it glorify God? My top things are my family (duh), and photography.

In a previous post I mentioned my dream of starting my own home photography business. Friends encouraged me to pray, and prayed with me. Then my parents said they would buy me a super nice camera for Christmas. SO I asked if they please give it to me now. And they said yes! Yea! I'm learning that it doesn't hurt to ask about things.

It's not just open doors, but it seems to be an open road, and I'm getting lots green lights. I know God sometimes says "no." And He sometimes says "not yet" or "wait and see." I know that not all of my prayers and dreams would be good for me, and He knows what is best. But it sure is pleasant when the two align, you know? :-)

My grandparents had already given me a really nice tripod, and I already have plenty of props (hello, homeschoolers with four kids! ha ha). So now I am just setting up a portfolio and a website. What fun! Oh, and my sweet uncle is getting me Photoshop CS3. YEA!

So please keep praying about this for me. I am excited (thrilled really), and we could certainly use an extra income. It's not easy for 6 people to live on a factory worker's income. This seems to be God's solution to a lot of our problems right now. He has such wonderful gifts for His children.

And you can check out my site ForgetMeNots by Wendy and give me some ideas and feedback. It's obviously just at the beginning stages, and I have a ways to go. And I don't have the new camera or software in my hands yet. When I get all that, the website will take off, with new pictures, enhancements, what have you.

Btw, I keep mis-typing it "frogmenots" so if you see that, you know what I'm talking about! ;-)


Brook'sBlog said...

Hey girl, that is so awesome. I have that dream too, that oneday I will be a photographer and be able to make a living on it. Pictures are my passion as well as poetry. I am so happy to see that God is allowing your dream and desires to come true, and blessing you with this. I will continue to pray that God leads your talents in such a way that you are able to start this and pursue it to the fullest. I think it's so neat, how much that you and I have in common.
(I'm so jealous) LOL In a good way ;)! Congratulations again girl. Praise God!

silly me said...

awesome!! i went over to the new site and it looks great. congratulations! (ps. i have a great friend who has 3 kiddos, homeschools... she and her husband run their own photography business - i know she'd love to give you tips or answer questions if you want! comment on my site and i'll tell you all of hers so that i'm not advertising for her here and stealing your thunder!)

WendyJanelle said...

Wow--another open door. I'd love to get tips from someone who has been there and done that, especially another homeschool mom. Like I said, God is so good. I'll visit your site and get the info. And thanks for your consideration about that, too!

silly me said...

wendy-it's there in the comments now.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on taking family/individual portraits? or are you planning on sending photos to magazines? I guess I'm a bit lost on the business end... I'm on my way to forget me nots now...

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Hey girlie! I'm so proud of you! You are gonna ROCK at this! I know I personally get excited when I get that email that says you've added pics or posts...luv those pics!!! You always have something new and creative! I have a friend who, while not homeschooling, is a stay at home mom who recently "accidentally" started her home business of photography and now she stays booked! She's doing all the Gentry GYO (sports) program pics...cheerleading, football, basketball, softball....needless to say she stays really busy. She started like you, just doing it for fun. She did pics of each family in our SS class at church, and from there began getting requests for portraits. When you get your business up and going, let me know..we are way past due for family portraits! (If that's what you are going to be doing.) ALso...I checked out your site...awesome! :0)

Ann-Marie said...

Cloud nine's a great place to be.

I'll be praying God will bless your new business venture. It is obvious He has given you a gift in photography, and it's so amazing to see you using it to honor and glorify Him!

Thinking really positive thoughts and sending them your way!

WendyJanelle said...

Jerri, the camera should ship soon. I have three jobs already scheduled for the 10th of November! Yea! Maybe this will help others (and help us pay our bills through the winter!!)

WendyJanelle said...

And thank you for your continued prayers, my sweet friends! :-)