Monday, February 25, 2008


I skipped out on the Lowe's workshop this past Saturday. Fred went to play poker in West Fork, and I just didn't feel like waking the baby up from nap-time and bringing all four kids to do the workshop. Jerri was sweet enough to pick up extra kits for us and drop them by afterwards. She caught us playing loud music & dancing in our dress-up clothes! ;-) What can I say? When the man is away, the mommy and kids will play. Haha.

Anyway, the kiddos were really excited about it, and the Oliver was still asleep, so we set up shop it he playroom and got to work building:

I could only find one hammer, so we took turns. Hammer two nails and then pass. It was fun! Trevor...oh, Trevor. Like I've said before, when he has a hammer everything looks like a nail! But he did pretty well, except for smashing my finger once. Ouch

We decided to paint our houses next:

I should have known I was awakening my creative juices. I love to paint. Seriously. The year I got pregnant with Trevor I was supposed to take two more art courses at JBU. I ended up postponing those classes...indefinitely. Of course, I don't regret that in the least, but I do sure miss the art classes!! I HAD to sketch then. Oh, what wonderful assignments!

We do crafts all the time, but the birdhouse painting combined with my chance "encounter" with an artsy blogger just stirred something in me. At 10am Saturday night I did this:

Isabelle's Art chair. On Sunday I did this:

Isabelle's Loft Bed
(Also her art table, but I don't have a picture of that.)
That afternoon I let Isabelle totally design her dresser, and we went to work. This is our progress so far:

Today, on the kids' "break time" after lunch, I made a mouse pad for myself...

...and I completed the kids' "quiet box" (a great idea from Simply. It has little wooden people inside for the kids to play with when they need to be quiet, such as in a waiting room, in church, at a restaurant.)

Forgive me for not turning the picture. I'm just being lazy now. Too tired from all the crafting! I am very psyched about doing the boys' room next!! They want Dr. Seuss!!


Simply Stork said...

love it love it :o)thanks for the pics...I love to see work in progress shots :o)


Randi said...

I love the chair and the bedrail! Great work!

Adelia said...

Looks so good. I need to have a craft day. I've been wanting to have a craft day. I've been working on my HMBinder, so hopefully I'll have time soon. Thanks for the inspiration I needed.

Ann-Marie said...

Love the cherries! How sweet!

I'm not being "puny" :-)

Sara Mincy said...

I am so glad you left me a comment so I could come and visit you!!! What a fun and crafty house YOU have!!!! LOVE the cherry chair and the bed looks great!

You have inspired me to let my kids get out the hammer and nails. They always ask to do this...and I have been so careful- too careful. I think they would do fine. I just needed the encouragement!

suzanne said...

dr. seuss?! what a great idea!

and i'm lovin' all your crafting!

Maury Draper said...

Wow...get you bored with a paintbrush, and your furniture is transformed! What a cute and fun idea!

What kind of paint are you using on the furniture?

Dionna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I really enjoyed visiting yours. You are so creative!

Mimi said...

I am amazed at the work the children are doing and of your craft designs to paint on the furniture--earlier you said that you wanted to do something that made your house look like your house--well these things certainly make Isabelle's room look like her room. How clever you two are!!!! And I know all of you were having lots of fun.
It was probably good that everyone wasn't hammering at once. Got a kick out of Ethan and the vacuming. Glad Papaw is such a good vacumer!!!! He got himself a new vacum that does a great job. Glad you had a fun, relaxed time with the kids and that you friend brought them the kits.

Mandy said...

wow that all looks amazing!!

October Dawn said...

I definitely want to see pics of the boys Dr. Seuss fact, I'd like to see it in person! I can't think of a better theme for the boys. And, you cannot find Dr. Seuss themes at Walmart! A Wendy original inspired by juvenile literature =)

WendyJanelle said...

Sara Mincy commented!! She was my inspiration...follow over to her site and check out the most awesome "art house." Oh, I love it!! It made me smile just cruisin' her blog. I didn't know if I should link to her site, but since she has commented, I encourage you all to check out her art! :-) It's great!!

Draper, I'm using semi-gloss interior paint and acrylics. Of course, I have to use a sealant over it. Lots work, but Sooooo much fun!! I'm going to post our new creations as soon as I download the camera. :-)

Tob, yep the kids are on a Seuss kick right now. Fred has been checking out TONS of the books lately for the kids to read to him at night. I have such an awesome husband. Then he rented Horton Hears a Who and they watched it with him this afternoon.