Wednesday, February 27, 2008

more projects...decoupage!

I'm just having soooo much fun with this.
As you can see, I've been neglecting housework time, to do fun craft time with the kids, after school.

We all sit at the table, cutting, gluing and generally just having a merry time. This is during afternoon-baby-naptime, if the school stuff is done. Oliver almost always takes a 2-hour afternoon nap, so even if we still have work to do, we can usually get it done for some kind of craft!!

I decoupaged my knife block. Fun, fun.

Then my living room platter.

And then a cutting board to display in my kitchen.

What a neat way to showcase my favorite art. I'm so glad I rediscovered the thrill of the scissors and glue! YEA !

Ohhhh..and speaking of art. Check out God's handiwork. Aren't these birds just beautiful? I'm so glad that they discovered the kids' birdhouses. They've been coming every day.


Ann-Marie said...

You HAVE been busy, lady! Wowsa!

Mandy said...

wow! What beautiful work! I wish I was more crafty :P

Dionna said...

You are quite good! I'm afraid I would screw something up never to get it to return to decent again! :)
And I would do fun stuff over laundry any day!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Um...ok, we did the bird houses but still haven't painted them...Rendi finally gave up hope and hung hers on the tree in the yard anyway. However, there's no bird seed in it! LOL Guess I need to buy some! We usually watch the cardinals land in the tree in the back yard while we are doing school.

Amanda & Justin Dreyer said...

Where did you get the paper for the knife block? I love it!


WendyJanelle said...

Paper is from Hobby Lobby. They have their 12 x 12 papers on sale right now 5 for $1.
I can get back to you on a paper brand. I want some more of that one myself.

suzanne said...

i'm lovin' all your crafts! so inspiring me to come out of hibernation!

i don't really know ellen (and i'm sure she thinks i'm some weird stalker lurker person!) i may have even found her through your site. not sure. i just think she's the coolest! i even have her '08 calendar!

so if you know her do you know megan (sermons in stones) who actually knows her sister i think?

WomensDaily said...

I love the knife block, it came out great!