Monday, February 25, 2008


Ethan was in charge of vacuuming the living room yesterday. I usually supervise that, but I was needed in the other room. (Apparenlty Trevor had gotten a bit carried away with the "cleaning"/ water bottle I had given him, even with the nozzle on slow flow.)
Anyway, I heard the vacuum going, but when I walked back in the room, I still saw a messy carpet. Hmmm.... He assured me that he had indeed vacuumed the floor. I had him start over, and this time I watched. This is what I saw...

Yes, that's my son "popping a wheelie" while he vacuums.

"It's much easier to push like this!" Yeah. I bet it is.


Ann-Marie said...

A mother who trains her son to vacuum will be rewarded with a grateful daughter-in-law some day.

And hey, photos of men vacuuming are always welcome - no matter how old they are!

October Dawn said...

I like his he needs to invent a vacuum with suction on that side.