Saturday, February 2, 2008

snow days!

It started to snow on Wednesday night. Gorgeous!

My three "big kids"

Miss Isabelle stayed outside just long enough for pictures. She gets cold very easily...just like me. The snow is pretty, but I'm already aching for the 90 degree summer weather!

Ethan takes off his gloves to "feel the snow."

Mr. T enjoys anything that he can stomp around in.

Wonderful hubby and baby Oliver

Building the snowbabe...

View from our backyard:

Fred played in the snow with the kids for a long time. See that snowball in the air that Ethan threw at his daddy? Don't feel bad for Fred, though. He was shoveling the snow on top of the kids!!


K.T. is Mommatude said...

Awesome!I would have loved to have gotten some snow down this way,but no such luck...LOL.I dont think I have built a snowman in 16 years!!My kids have never seen a good snow,they have only seen flurries...

Ann-Marie said...

Snow rocks!!!

It's Sunday here in the Midwest, and they actually had to cancel church since it's supposed to be a recond snowfall. (sad about missing church, though!)

Mandy said...

I don't think I've seen real snow in like 5 or 6 years... just sleet here! It looks beautiful!! It's like 75 degrees here today.. was it warm up your way too?

Anonymous said...

I tagged you in a silly game of Blog Tag. See my site for details. Feel free to participate or disregard :)


WendyJanelle said...

So, Ann-Marie, did you get that record snowfall? mommatude, I cannot imagine. That's one nice thing about living here-- it's very seasonal! When I start to get sick of the snow, it turns into rainy spring days. And when I'm done enjoying that, I get my most wonderful 90 degree weather. And on it delight after another! :-)

Mandy, yes, it was 76 degrees two days ago. And tonight they are calling for some snow again! Crazy!

Shelley, I'll check that out. I like surveys. I'm tired after the long (but fantastic) opera, so I may wait until tomorrow to post my own! :-)