Sunday, February 10, 2008

When a 3-year old gets quiet...

...check on him quickly!!

Today we finished up our Valentine's boxes for the homeschool party that will be on Wednesday. I had left some of the paint up on the table after lunch. Just had too many things going on, and I didn't get around to putting it up right away. That was my first mistake.

I left the kids playing in the living room, and went to the nursery to nurse Oliver and put him down for his nap. Second mistake: Mr. T was unsupervised.

Apparently (this is Isabelle's version), Trevor accidentally knocked the paint down. Then he started running around and around the table. Izzy was drawing and not paying too much attention to her rascally little brother. What happened next is Trevor's version. He says he stepped on the paint and it went "all over." So at that point he just decided to play in it! I don't know if he assumed it was lotion or what. He does so love his lotion!

Anyway, within a minute (by the time big sister noticed) he had covered the floor, his clothes, my kitchen chairs, you name it!!

Sooooo, Trevor got two baths today and had to help Mommy do a lot of mopping. Learn from me, so you don't have to learn from your own mistakes!!

Actually, though, my grandma told me a story today of how she was super-pregnant with her fourth child, outside hanging clothes, when her 2nd-born poured honey all over the kitchen and then attempted to clean the mess with tons of tea towels. My, my! So it could've been worse for me today. At least this was washable tempera paint!!


Jennittia said...

Oh, can I ever identify with this one!!! It is so nice to know that we moms all struggle together. Thanks for your comments on my blog- it is cool to get to "know" other Christians through the blog world!

Maury Draper said...

Oh wow...I would die if I walked in and saw that!!!

WendyJanelle said...

Actually, Fred and I both had to turn around so he wouldn't see us laughing!! He was slipping and sliding all over the place, falling down and grabbing the chairs for support. Don't ask me why we found that funny under the circumstances. Sometimes you just gotta laugh or cry!

Amy B said...

My kids discovered that pouring baby powder all over the wood floors made for great sock sliding... then there was the day that they experimented with putting soap in the water guns and had a bubble fight all over the house... that wasn't fun to clean up either!

Simply Stork said...

ahhh, when kids get quiet...must drop everything and check to see what they are up to ...I hear you there...:o)