Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Day of Gifts

Today my husband bought me a gorgeous picnic basket set. It has plastic plates, glasses, and silverware for four. It's large enough to pack all of the food and drinks we will need for our family. And, best of all, it was a bargain! :-)
Then I found some absolute steals at a yard sale in a town over. I spent $7 and got an adult Hulk costume, a 3T Spiderman costume, three SpiderMan shirts, Cars pajamas, alligator pj set, Diego 2-piece pajama set, two button up 7/8 shirts, an orange pair of medium boys' shorts, five pairs of socks for me and three for Trevor, two 2T shirts for Oliver, three belts (including an AWESOME V-shaped "Superwoman" one for me!), a wall hanging, angel halo headband, new package of boys' underwear, and a princess tutu outfit!!!-- all for $7!! I was almost hysterical with joy when I made it back to the van. Yes, I'm definitely a financial nerd. And I'm okay with that.
Then I got home, and had a package waiting on my front porch, containing an Easter table cloth and two baby slings that my Mimi made for me! Beautiful, and both of my little boys love them!!

I know I just talked about how gifts are not my love language... but I think that all of the things I received today fall under the "acts" category, too! My husband went out in search of something he knew I wanted. Then he handed me money and waited in the van with four children, playing with them, while I scoured a yard sale for bargains. And, Mimi, I know that your planning, designing, sewing is an act of love! :-) It's these thoughtful and amazing things that people do that just speak volumes to my heart!
Ahhhh, what a nice Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Great day!!

Mimi said...

Hey Wendy,
What good bargains the Lord gave you. I love the way Oliver andTrevor looked in the baby sling. Just cut off that red tail, measure it and tell me how much you cut off so I will have an idea what size to make for girls your size. I wrote Julie to see if she wants one for her little girl. Love, Mimi

Ann-Marie said...

Heck of a lot (or is it alot? ;-)) for only $7! What a deal! Way to go!