Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschoolers Under Attack

Okay, There is something on my mind and heart. I need to share and ask for prayer.

On Feb. 28 California appeals court ruled parents have no constitutional right to homeschool their children and that those parents who do must be credentialed teachers. This was not picked up by national media until March 6. The shock waves are rolling now.

It arose in juvenile court and the parties had court-appointed attorneys, so even Home School Legal Defense Association didn't know about it until the ruling was issued. It flew under radar, so to speak.

Judge Croskey declared that "parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children." Furthermore, the judge wrote, if parents teach without credentials they will be subject to criminal action.

This could have broad implications on CA's nearly 200,000 homeschoolers -- and set a dangerous precedent for other students nationwide, my children included.

Keep in mind that California schools are the most liberal. We're talking about schools that push the homosexual, abortion, liberal agenda to the hilt.

This is scary stuff. Do children belong to the state? Does the government know better than the parents? If you are a homeschooler, imagine your children being FORCED away from you every day. And if you are not a homeschooler, imagine being FORCED to put your child into a liberal school (or any place that you object to.) This is about freedom.

Please stop now-- right now, just for a second-- and pray. Lift a heartfelt prayer up to God, and ask Him to intervene. Pray for our freedoms and the safety of our children.

You can listen to Dr. Dobson discuss the case, learn more about the court ruling, see what California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says about this, and sign petition to depublish this ruling by using these links.

Click here to read about Hitler's ruling on homeschooling and how it still haunts Germans today, and threatens the rest of the world.
Be informed. Research, get the facts, follow the story.
Be a voice. Christians need to speak up. Defend yourself. Stand up for your rights and those of your family.

And PRAY. God can do anything. There IS power in prayer.


Jennifer P. said...

Learned about this from another blog today and signed the petition. Our homeschool program (virtual academy) is starting to come under fire here too. So scary. I know it must drive these big-wigs crazy to see that us "just moms" can turn out such amazing children who usually meat or beat their peers at everything--but it seems just plain evil to pull the rug out from under our feet like that. I know if they can do it in California, it will migrate here soon enough too. Prayers said.

On a completely different note--glad you discovered The Nester. She's great fun :)! If I didn't have soooooo much to say about sooooo many different things, I'd have a design blog like that too. (except not as good--'cause there's only one Nester! :) ).

Adelia said...

We are in prayer, specific prayer, takin' names and lifting them up to the Lord. This Liberal agenda shall not prosper, in Jesus' Name!!

Dionna said...

I had not heard about this yet. I'm so sorry. You have every right to homeschool. Fight for that right.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Wendy, I just saw this on some other blogs! That is absolutely horrible for all you homeschool moms. We must pray that God will change this plan. I can't imagine what that will be like if it happens.

Oh, and I see you came to see me via The Nester. Isn't she fun & creative!? I always enjoy visiting her too. I too am always up to something at my blog & love the yardsaling & thrifting, so please come back & visit whenever you can!


Sara Mincy said...

I am with you on this subject. Scary stuff. We do need to pray. Thanks for the info.

suzanne said...

praying. and very scared. they're MY kids. i may very well be researching a move to canada if it seeps this way. truly. great post.

The Shan said...

OH NO! What is going on?! I saw a headline on my news page about home schoolers but hadn't read it. I will certainly keep praying about this. They ARE our children!! Glad you informed me.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I saw this and was concerned. A move like this in one state may cause other states to follow suit.

On a happy note, it looks like Arnold Schwazzenegar (have no idea how to spell that) is not going to accept this and came out pretty strongly against it and that is a good thing.

Ann-Marie said...

I know how much you value your right to home school, Wendy! I will be in prayer that God's will be done concerning this agenda.

On a similar note, I watched a story on the news today of how Christian broadcasts that speak out against "tolerance" of certain lifestyles may now be fined or have to pay for equal air time for the other viewpoint to be shared on the air.

Ouch! One nation under God? Not so sure, anymore.