Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Signs of Spring

Shelley's "signs of spring" cracked me up. We have been having some unusually cold weather. But today turned into such a lovely day!! We finished our work in record time (going outside was a good incentive to get it done fast!) and then drew with sidewalk chalk, went walking, and just enjoyed hearing the birds sing.

Fred bought a new birdhouse (half price at Hobby Lobby over the weekend, so this beauty was only $6), and the cardinals have been enjoying it.
Then we adopted a new pet! Well, it's our ONLY pet. His name is Herbert, and he is a lucky of the last few frogs to escape dissection at a college biology lab. ;-)
Herbert is my grandpa's middle name. Herbert...ribbit...I don't know, we just thought it fit. Hehee.
Anyway, this guy has looong legs, so I'm glad our tank has a lid. He seems to like his new home so far. We may end up doing some more "landscaping" in there tomorrow. He might need a bigger pool.
When we should have been sitting down to eat dinner, we were all outside, with our coats on and shovels in hand, looking for tasty treats for our new "brother." The kids caught about 15 worms (under the basketball goal), rolly pollies, and Fred caught a few crickets. Then we ALL watched with fascination as Herbert watched his prey, stuck out his tongue, and snatched one of those crickets. Mmmm.... okay, dinner anyone?
You'd better believe that we'll be doing an extra science lesson tomorrow on this new grass frog, and Ethan will be doing extra research at the library because Herbert has been deemed worthy of the education fair this year.
May you all find frogs and joy. Japanese proverb, maybe?


Rhinehart Land said...

Aw.. IT's A CUTE FROGGY! I love and collect frogs.. not the real ones, but the stuffed and ceramic kind. :) What a cute froggie! :) Awwwwwww I love your signs of Spring too. Our flowers like that are already blooming :) Zach "picked" me some.. LOL

The Nester said...

We are for sure gonna catch us a frog and feed it like y'all are doing! That is way fun!

Ann-Marie said...

Frogs are so cute - I'm glad you "rescued" this little guy. I'm sure he'll have a much happier life with you. I love the mental picture of the whole family huntng for the new pet's dinner! Way to go!

Jennifer P. said...

Love your frog! We had an opportunity to take one home from a homeschool science co-op a few years back, but I was so afraid I'd kill it that we passed! Yours looks all fun and spotty though :)!

Thanks so much for dropping by my site. I love meeting new homeschooling moms out here in blogland. Looks like you know the Nester too--she's so much fun! And Simply is a sweetheart too!

I really appreciated your comments about God putting me on my knees so someone else could lift me up. I have found that accepting service has been one of the hardest aspects of all this. I'm such a self-sufficient kind of person--but am trying to remember that I need to embrace this opportunity to let others get some blessings from serving. I know I love to help anyone in need, and hope that's the same attitude all the lovely ladies coming to help me have.

I know I'll be back to check in on your busy homeschooling life, and you're welcome anytime too :)!

Rhinehart Land said...

I have some ?'s about sat. I sent you a few e-mails but I'm not sure it's your right email. LOL Drop me a line or call me if you have time.

Arato Girl said...

Your frog is beautiful! I'm glad he escaped death. Sound like his life is quite luxurious now. You guys gathered a regular feast for him!

I love the daffodil bud, too. So exciting. I've been seeing robins everywhere. They're good-omen birds.

WendyJanelle said...

Brook, I emailed a map and directions for Saturday. Did you get it?

WomensDaily said...

I always wanted a frog!