Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Addiction

So sue me. I'm addicted to another blog. Can you blame me? I love to read, I love creativity, making things, staying connected to other moms. Not to mention neglecting laundry...yeah, I love that, too.
This site, The Nesting Place, is just soooooo awesome. Why? Because I am also a "lazy perfectionist." I'm willing to work hard, but not necessarily long. I do so much better with short-term goals. Walk every day for a week. aCheck. Eat healthy today. aCheck. Run a 5K in a year. x RRRR- Thumbs down. Can't do the long-term thing. I tend to sabotage myself at the first hint of inadequacy because I fear failure.

Yeah. I know this, yet it's soooo hard to overcome it and have enough faith in myself (really, faith in God, that He will be there when I do fail, and it doesn't matter how inadequate I am...
umm....soooo, on with the post.)

All that to say, this site has awesome crafting/ decorating ideas and they are quick and fairly easy! YEA! You won't have to sew! You won't have to go buy oodles of expensive anything. Just grab something on hand and make something awesome. Voila!

She even has a tutorial on Window Mistreatments. Oh, yeah, that's my kind of decorating.

No, I don't need an intervention yet. I'm still eating..still sleeping (well, as much as can be expected)...yes, still spending most of my time homeschooling and frog-caring. But I'm using these free night hours to read, design, plan, and CRAFT! Because I have several projects going at once and I don't want to discombobulate you, I'm going to post progress pictures on an added link, Wendy*s Art House. A great idea from Sara*s Art House, which I also LOVE. Visit and support these ladies.

Okay, and one more "just about me" thing. ;-)
I'm visual. I need sunshine. Bright colors are a must. That includes lipstick. And, since I'm a girl-y girl, I enjoy wearing vibrant colors & fancy things & having bright hair. :-) Really, color is important to me.

Red is awesome. Flame, passion, excitement, love, vibrance, life, explosion. I love RED. I also love black and white. What would COLOR be without the black and white to contrast? Do you understand why I decorate constantly, paint all the time, scrapbook insatiably, and yard-sale shop for anything interestinge. I'm visual. I feel better when I see pretty things. I feel better physically when I look better. Which is why I never-- and I mean, NEVER wear sweats. I do not own sweats. I. hate. sweats. Not on other people, but definitely on me. And, by gosh, if I'm gonna put on socks, they'd better be cute ones. Striped and polka dot knee-high socks are the best.

Okay, sorry, now I'm just rambling. Strange post, tired mommy at the end of the day. I'm full of ideas, excited to do things...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak tonight. Thank You, God, for a new day tomorrow, with renewed energy! And tomorrow is Mothering Matters day--YEA! That means my cup will be filled to overflowing, and I can "flow out on" and encourage others. Where else can I be with, pray with so many other godly women? Thanking God for this wonderful ministry.


Fruitful Vine said...

Just curious to see who commented on my blog. It was exciting to see there was a comment waiting for me. Thanks for leaving it. You have a great blog. Very colorful. I am definitely going to check out the blog you mentioned in this post. Thanks for stopping by. I will stop by yours from time to time. Stay close to God.

Shannon said...

Hi! I was reading some comments from "The Nester" and I saw you commented on Oops!! I live in Fayetteville and go there all the time....I love it! If you look at my latest post I have a picture of a cloche I got there. :) Small world!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Man...if only I had the time, creativity, patience, um, space....LOL Wish I were crafty! I DO like to scrapbook, but I wouldn't say I'm good at it, and I only find time to do it about once a year!!! Ya know, I looked at the sites you mentioned and it made me regret some of my most recent decluttering. I gave away some bird nest thingy with eggs in it that was from "The French Hen." I don't collect those things and didn't know what to do with it. It was a secret pal gift from long ago...ssshhh! Don't tell! Anyway...I'm rethinking what you said about sending my decluttered junk to clutter your house. I have something specific in mind that I think you may love...I did for a while, but just needed to clear some space and it was one thing that could go...Jason didn't like it anyway!

WendyJanelle said...

Jerri!! You WHAT?! You gave away a bird's nest from the French Hen?! Are you kidding me?! Seriously....?? Salvation Army? Maybe it's still there...

WendyJanelle said...

Shannon, yes, small world!! I love Oops!! We live within 30 miles of there.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Thanks for the color! I needed it this morning =)