Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Window Mistreatments 101

These curtains are now hanging in my breakfast room!! I was so inspired by Nesters Window Mistreatments, that I decided to do my own. My sister Julie and I went to Hancocks Fabric. I got the large and small floral prints for 40% off. Good thing, too, because they were expensive. To make all four panels, the valance, with ribbons and curtain hooks, I paid $23!! Can't beat that!! And it took me no longer than an hour to get them up. No sewing. Hallelujah! Woooo-hoooo! I'm excited. It really brightens up my kitchen! :-) Happy, happy face.
The floral valance is only 3/4 yard. I just folded it along the top and pinned, then nailed it up. I tucked the bottom under, tied it with ribbon and VOILA, instant valance! The top of my window actually starts at the bottom on the valance. I took Nester's advice and did this to create an illusion of larger windows. I like it a lot!

The panels are 5 1/2 yards of fabric...cut into four long strips. I folded the top under slightly (like a hem) and then looped it forward to create a U. Then I just put four ring clips at the top of each one and nailed them on the wall! How easy!!

It goes down almost to the floor, and I think I may still get some coordinating fabric and fringe to add to the bottom (using a glue gun, so I won't even have to take them down.) I LOVE this simple method. Who says things have to be done "the right way?" Heh heh. And, anyway, this way I can just pull it off at anytime and drape it differently for a change of style! Oh, yeah!

For more pictures, and also a tutorial on recovering dining room chairs, just visit Wendy*s Art House. :-)


Rhinehart Land said...


October Dawn said...

I would like to go see it in person!

Ann-Marie said...

You are so creative - can you come to Illinois and do my curtains?

I was confused by your explanation - you mentioned "tucking" "pinning," and "nailing." What are those terms? Hmmm...just don't know!

(I'm SUCH a helpless fool when it comes to home improvement!) Your curtains look amazing!

Mimi said...

Hey Wendy,
You are getting just too clever!!!! I like the upside down cup your "grandma" gave you!!! Never heard you call me grandma!!!! Isn't that one of the cups from the China I gave you?? I enjoy using my mother's. It has cherry blossoms on it.
Sometimes if I want a small center piece, I use a small tea pot to arrange flowers from the garden in. It is so much fun to use things you have in different ways.
Yesterday I made Papaw a navy vest for church. He has a navy one I made a couple of years ago, but now it will be for knock about.
Shin Shu brought Papaw a short sleeve dress shirt that is part polyester--no iron--size 16 1/2. He doesn't like short sleeve shirts, so if it would fit Fred, we could bring it. Just let me know.
I am baking hot rolls for the Heart and Hand salad luncheon at Sequim Bible that we will have tomorrow after Bible study. Will make walnut wheat and honey wheat with sesame seed. Papaw will cut up the walnuts as my food processor broke and we have another one on the way from amazon dot com. Could not find one I wanted in town--wanted a small one that will grate, shred and chop.
I liked all of your art work and the window treatment. Will be anxious to see it. Love you, MImi

Shelley said...

Ooooh, Wendy! You are so inspiring to me! I love it. And thanks for the link to the Nester.

WendyJanelle said...

Mimi...I just wasn't sure if people would understand who "mimi" was. ;-)

Ann-Marie, sorry, I'll try to speak in layman's terms next time!

Thanks, Shelley and Brook. Tob, you'll have to come see them soon! :-)

The Ellcey's said...

Thanks for posting this! I have several windows that are in dire need of "mistreating"! Especially in the dining room--I need to figure out some cute window treatments that hide the ugly window AC. Anyway, your windows are super cute. Good job!

happyhousewife said...

Those look great, I love new sew projects.

suzanne said...

oh my!!

SO inspired now. and i love that there's no sewing!

how cute!

and when on earth did you redo this site? I LOVE IT!! and the fam pics. you're just too good!