Monday, March 24, 2008

The Things Boys Do

Oliver, my almost-1-year old, decided to crawl around the house today and remove all of the plug-in safety thing-a-ma-bobs!! I've never had an infant do that before!!! Little rascal.

He also took off at the library today! I sat him down by my feet while I looked through a book, in the kids' room. When I looked down, he was gone! He had crawled out of the kiddie room and was making his way down the hall, much to the delight of an older woman watching.

Trevor. Oh, where do I begin? His newest response when I ask him to do something is, "How 'bout NOT?"

"Trevor, wash your hands and go sit at the table."

"How 'bout NOT."

"Trevor, pick up your blocks now."

"How 'bout NOT."

It's driving me a little crazy.

Does everyone have a child that drives them batty? It used to be Ethan for me, but Ethan has thankfully grown out of that stage. Now it's Trevor all the way. It must be a 3-year old boy thing. I hope.

I have my own sensory overload issues, too. I really like the house to stay pretty clean. And I REALLY don't like things to be too loud. For instance, tapping a fork loudly on the table a few times will just drive me bonkers. Someone coming up behind me and hollering in my ear is unnerving. A bugger who finds my whistle in the backseat and blows it as loud as he can while I'm driving down the highway...arfgh!! Don't get me wrong...I love Trevor to pieces...when he's asleep.

Just kidding. I really do adore him, but he really does frustrate me on an hourly basis. I reread Bringing Up Boys about every 6 months, just to try to understand him and cope with him. After all, most of the time he is not trying to be naughty, he's just being loud and rowdy...all the things boys are, you know. I think I need to find some more good coping books, to keep me in the right frame of mind. Any suggestions?

Fred reminds me that Trev is just "asking" for some undivided attention. That's probably true, but when he acts up, I find myself wanting to get more distance. My initial reaction is always to f l e e, rather than to swoop in for special mama time. I'm working on recognizing this, and thereby stamping out my old patterns of behaviour.

It helps to have someone like Fred. He's so laid back and good-natured. When Trevor starts in with his whinies, Fred looks at him, "I don't understand Whinese, try saying that again." Or, one of Fred's favorite lines, "Do you want me to call the WAH-mbulance?" Both of these get a smile from Trevor and he starts talking like a normal person.
I still have a lot to learn when it comes to boys. ;-)

Prayer is always appreciated!


Ann-Marie said...

How 'bout not - made me laugh SO hard. And I'm sure he's SO in earnest when he says it. Oh, my aching sides...from laughing!

I did know a girl in elementary school who respinded to pretty much everything with "I'd rather not."

Maybe she's related to your family!

Anonymous said...

Just bide your time. Someday you'll look back and remember these times pleasantly somehow. I can see the funny side to "how about not" but I know it would drive me crazy!

Mandy said...

My 3yr old boy is on my nerves lately too. Amazing how he's the sweetest kid I've truly ever encountered, but he has this other side that is the meanest and loudest and most annoying all at the same time. lol I don't think it's really a "boy" issue.. I think it's an age issue! lol I remember not liking madison quite so much at age 3 as well.. if I can be frank...

WendyJanelle said...

Uh, yeah, you can be frank on here. I'm getting more and more frank as time goes by, I think. Either that or I just post too late at night, and I'm too tired to care by that point. ;-)

Ann-Marie, yeah, it has you in stitches because you haven't dealt with it. Just wait. Just wait.

I have to admit, he makes the funniest faces sometimes when he says that, and it takes all of my might to muster a serious face.

The Shan said...

Comforting words you say here ;) . My first kid was so easy at a younger age(other than the CONSTANT talking) that my second threw me for a big loop. And because he has "issues" I would tend to lump all his naughty behaviors into that category, when really a lot of it is just him working out his boyish self. That kid still can disassemble any given item in just under a minute if given the chance! This is some mechanical skill in the making that I can't fully appreciate yet. Oh, and for being noise sensitive himself he can surely "BEEP" you into the crazy house. "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" or some other repetitive sound-YIKES! Hang in there young mother(who gets way too few breaks)!! :D

WomensDaily said...

That how bout not would drive me crazy too. Good thing it's probably just a phase lol. He could be saying worse things!

Papaw said...

Wendy, I read your blog this morning about Trevor and wondered how much of those personality characteristics he has inherited from his great-grandfather? ;O)

Papaw said...

What you wrote of Trevor brings to mind some of my early memories. Certain incidents are rather vivid of course. But looking back I remember being just about as mischievous as Trevor. That really is a pretty clever thing he says, ""How 'bout NOT." And it does show he's learning something about being diplomatic--instead of direct refusal.

Adelia said...

Alex says "how bout let's not." Some days it's so funny and others completely draining! We love Trevor, even with on his rambunctious days!!

Dionna said...

I've never heard of a child doing that before! Wow. Glad he didn't get electrocuted!

Mandy said...

My son does the insane repetitive noises as well.. OH. MY. GOSH. lol The more it aggrivates his big sister, the more he loves 'that' noise.

Adelia said...

Thought this might make you feel better. When Brett's cousin was little she would take bobby pins, stick them in her mouth and try to push them into the outlet that way. Can you imagine being HER mother, oh my! So, not just boys, more of an age thing. Scary!!

WendyJanelle said...

oh. my. gosh. Heart attack.